Everything you need to know aboutBuying a home

Peter Miller
- 4 min read

How to pay for FHA down payment and closing costs

The FHA down payment is just 3.5% for most borrowers. As down payments go it’s certainly a lot less than the 20% up front some mortgage programs require. But is there a way to make the FHA down payment even easier?

Gina Pogol
- 5 min read

First-time home buyers guide: What is an FHA mortgage?

First-time home buyers have access to a myriad of low- and zero-down payment mortgage loans. Of all the available loan programs, though, the FHA loan is the most inclusive and accessible for today’s buyers.

Gina Pogol
- 3 min read

Should you get a mortgage from a credit union?

Your credit union might offer a good deal on a mortgage when you buy or refinance. Or not. Here’s what you need to know about credit union mortgages, and how to get the lowest rate no matter who provides your financing.