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How much do you need to know about mortgages to get one?

You don't need to be an expert to negotiate a great mortgage. It only takes a few minutes if you follow these simple tips.

Don’t be a victim of mortgage fraud

Mortgage fraud: unlikely, but possible According to the FBI, you are not the most likely victim of mortgage fraud -- most cases are perpetrated by borrowers against mortgage lenders. Often those involve exaggerations, white lies or outright falsehoods on loan applications. Should you lie on your mortgage application? However, mortgage industry professionals who abuse their […]

Tiny houses begin to take off with new mortgage options

Tiny houses used to be considered odd, but today, they are starring in television shows and people are buying them. But where do you find a tiny house mortgage?

How to buy a foreclosed home

If you're wondering, "How to buy a foreclosed home?", you've come to the right place. Here's what you need to know about buying foreclosed homes.

Small house, smaller down payment: how to get the home you want as fast as possible

Buying a small house can make financing your first home easier. You may have less square footage, but you'll also have a smaller down payment and mortgage.

Do homeowners need mortgage life insurance?

Mortgage life insurance: Should you accept that offer? Once you buy a home, expect offers to purchase mortgage life insurance. Yes folks, step right up, sign on the dotted line, and give your family the gift of a mortgage-free home should you die before the last payment is due. There may even be "scary" language […]

Does it pay to get a balloon mortgage?

The balloon mortgage can get you a lower interest rate. However, it does come with some risk and is not right for everyone. Learn more about balloon mortgages here.

Buy or rent? Buying still beats renting in most markets

Buy or rent? That's the question, and in most parts of the country, the answer is "Buy."

Selling a home today: Names matter

Selling a home? Then get to know your buyers -- on a first-name basis.

Is 2018 the year you should become a homeowner?

Happy new year — as a homeowner Is your new year's resolution for 2018 to become a homeowner? Or would you make it one, if only you thought it was a smart move — and you stood a chance of achieving it? Well, read on because you might find some good news. 2018: A vintage […]

How to make the most of your closing disclosure

Buying a home: Don't fall at the finish line At least three business days before you're due to close, you should receive a closing disclosure. Could there be a worse time? You're preparing to move! And your to-do list has never been longer. So the last thing you want is a five-page document to wade […]

Should you lie on your mortgage application?

Are "white lies" okay on a mortgage application? How much harm can a little white lie on your mortgage application do? Well, quite a lot, actually. True, you're unlikely to face the maximum penalties that mortgage fraud can bring. You'd have to do something really bad to get 30 years in a federal penitentiary and […]

Parents’ Guide To Help Kids Buy A Home In 2018

It's harder for young adults today to buy a home this year. Use these tips to help your adult child if you're in a position to do so.

Down payment amounts are up — here’s what you need to know

You don't have to make a huge down payment to buy a home, but putting more down does make homeownership easier down the road.

The 401(k) down payment: Navigate this minefield carefully

The 401(k) down payment may be possible. But should you borrow from your 401(k) or withdraw from your 401(k) for your down payment?

Your state may let you deduct savings for down payments

Some states help with homeownership There is a small but growing number of states that are using their tax systems to encourage would-be homeowners to save for their down payments. Is yours one of those that allow you to make deductions? And how much help might you get? Read on to find out. Down payments […]

How to buy a house with low income in 2018

You can buy a house with low income if you meet the guidelines for one or more of these mortgage programs. Here's how to do it.

Home loans for staff and travel nurses 2018: Get approved despite variable pay, non-taxable income & employment gaps

Nurses often have outside-the-box pay structures and employment situations, and it's hard to get approved for a mortgage. Proven strategies to help RNs get a home loan.

You don’t need a 20 percent down payment to buy a home

You don't need to make a 20% down payment to purchase a home. Review popular low- and no-down payment mortgage programs and get a complimentary mortgage rate quote.

Complete guide to down payment assistance in the USA

Down payment assistance is widely available, but many who qualify don't even know about it. Claim your free money now.

2018 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)