Everything you need to know aboutBuying a home

Dahna Chandler

Moving to your new home: When should you schedule the move?

Moving to your new home was easier when you had college friends, pizza, and just a few carloads of personal items. Now you have a family, pets, furniture that does not involve crates and concrete blocks. And a mortgage. So consider this list before scheduling moving day.

Tim Lucas

How much mortgage can I qualify for?

Some simple formulas and calculators can give you a ballpark figure of your potential mortgage amount. But you’ll likely want to take the next step if you plan to shop for homes in the next 6 months.

Erik J. Martin

Why fall may be the best time to buy a home

This fall may be the best time to buy a home, judging from current real estate data and mortgage rate trends. Here’s why you might want to get off the fence now if considering a home purchase.

Gina Pogol

First time home buyers guide

Considering making the jump from renter to homeowner? This first time home buyer guide tells you what you need to know.