Everything you need to know aboutFirst-Time Home Buyers

Gina Pogol
- 5 min read

First-time home buyers guide: What is an FHA mortgage?

First-time home buyers have access to a myriad of low- and zero-down payment mortgage loans. Of all the available loan programs, though, the FHA loan is the most inclusive and accessible for today’s buyers.

Erik J. Martin
- 4 min read

Home bidding wars down, buyer opportunities up

Home bidding wars happen when two or more buyers compete for the same property but research indicates that home bidding wars happen much less often nowadays. This is good news for would-be buyers.

Gina Pogol
- 10 min read

First-time home buyer guide: buying with a new job

As a first-time home buyer, you may not have the work experience of a seasoned purchaser, but that doesn’t have to affect your ability to get mortgage loan-approved.