Everything you need to know aboutFirst-Time Home Buyers

Erik J. Martin
- 5 min read

5 reasons NOT to buy a house [INFOGRAPHIC]

Not everyone is cut out to own a home. There are risks involved with this purchase. You could lose money. You’ll be responsible for upkeep and repairs. And some people make better homeowner candidates than others.

Aly J. Yale
- 9 min read

11 first-time home buyer mistakes to avoid [VIDEO]

Everyone makes mistakes. But in home buying? Those mistakes can cost you dearly. Not only can they mean more in costs (think tens of thousands more), but they can also hinder your mortgage loan. Avoid these all-too-common first-time buyer mistakes:

Gina Pogol
- 5 min read

First-time home buyers guide: What is an FHA mortgage?

First-time home buyers have access to a myriad of low- and zero-down payment mortgage loans. Of all the available loan programs, though, the FHA loan is the most inclusive and accessible for today’s buyers.