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Mortgage Rates Drop On Tame U.S. Inflation, Eurozone Recession

Mortgage rates improved Thursday, breaking a 2-day losing streak. Conforming, FHA and VA mortgage rates closed slightly lower.

Mortgage Rates : Low Rates Succumb To Late-Day Reversal

Mortgage rates rose Tuesday after a late-day selloff erased morning gains. Volatility may continue through Wednesday afternoon.

VA Mortgage : Eligible VA Homeowners Close On 20 Million Loans

Led by its zero-downpayment mortgage program and its ultra-easy VA Streamline Refinance, the VA home loan program may break records in 2013.

Mortgage Rates : Planning Your Rate Lock For The Week Ahead

Mortgage rates dropped big after last week's U.S. elections. This week, rate shoppers may see rates reverse course.

FHA Streamline Refinance : The Most Popular Mortgage Of 2012?

FHA Streamline Refinance activity is booming this year. Ultra-low mortgage rates and low closing costs are driving the demand.

Mortgage Rates : Still Falling Post-Election, Wary Of Greece

Mortgage rates improved for the second straight day Thursday and conforming, FHA and VA mortgage rates are approaching new, all-time lows.

Home Sellers : “We Think It’s A Good Time To Buy”

A survey of imminent home sellers suggests that the 2013 Housing Market will feature higher home prices and fewer negotiations.

Mortgage Rates Go Wild Post-Election; Plunge Unexpectedly

Post-election, U.S. mortgage rates are sinking unexpectedly. Conforming, VA, FHA and jumbo mortgage rates are performing better-than-expected..

Mortgage Rates : Rising Tuesday, Ready To Reverse Post-Election

Mortgage rates worsened Tuesday. Conforming and FHA mortgage rates climbed on Election Day. Post-election Wednesday, rates may recede.

U.S. Armed Services Veterans Piling Into VA Home Loan Guaranty Program

The Department of Veteran Affairs recently made its 20 millionth VA home loan. Here's why the program is so popular among Armed Services veterans.

Mortgage Rates Drop Monday Ahead Of U.S. Election Results

Mortgage rates of all types fell Monday -- conforming, FHA, VA, USDA and jumbo. Home buyers and refinancers are benefitting from the effects of Election Day and Hurricane Sandy.

Lock Your FHA Mortgage Rate : FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums May Rise In Early-2013

Congress is working a bill that would give the FHA the ability to raise mortgage insurance premiums to 2.05% -- the fifth hike in 5 years.

Mortgage Rates Keep Dropping; 30-Year At 3.39%

Conforming 30-year mortgage rates dropped to 3.39% this week and FHA and VA mortgage rates dropped, too. Rates have been under 3.500% since mid-September.

Mortgage Rates : Falling On Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath

Mortgage rates improved Wednesday on the expected economic fallout from Hurricane Sandy. Strong jobs data could wipe those gains out quickly, however.

Mortgage Rates : Improving On Hurricane Sandy, Low Inflation

Mortgage rates improved Monday on stable inflation data and on the expected fallout from Hurricane Sandy. Markets closed early and will re-open Wednesday.

Mortgage Rates : Lower Mortgage Rates Greet The Weekend

Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) closed the week on a high note. VA, Conforming and FHA mortgage rates improved. Jumbo rates were unchanged.

Mortgage Rates : Sinking Ahead Of FOMC Meeting

Mortgage rates improved Tuesday. Conforming, FHA and VA mortgage rates dropped. Jumbo mortgage rates were unchanged.

FHA Mortgage Vs Conforming Mortgage : Which Is Better?

Which is better for you? An FHA mortgage or a conforming one? Broken down, trait-by-trait.

Mortgage Rate Outlook : Rising Rates Subject To FOMC, Housing Data

Mortgage rates worsened last week. This week, with the Federal Reserve in session and housing data set for release, mortgage rates may rise again.

Mortgage Rates : Improve On Housing, No Quick Fix In Spain

Mortgage rates improved Friday after the Existing Home Sales report published and the EU Summit ended. Conforming, VA and FHA mortgage rates each improved.