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No More No Fee? “Zero-Closing-Cost Mortgages” Face Extinction

A pending mortgage policy change threatens to end zero closing costs mortgages for good. The end of "no fee" mortgages may be here sooner than you think.

Confirmed : Mortgage Fees To Rise For Borrowers In January 2012

Start that mortgage application! The government is financing its 2012 Payroll Tax Extension via new, mandatory mortgage fees. You'll get lower mortgage payments on your upcoming purchase or refinance by applying for your loan today.

Save $45,000 Per $100,000 Borrowed With A 15-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

Record-low mortgage rates draw refinancing households away from 30-year fixed-rate mortgages into shorter-term products such as the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage.

Revealing The Trick : Why Mortgage Rates Didn’t Actually “Fall” To 3.94%.

Freddie Mac says mortgage rates fell to 3.94% this week. But, because closing costs increased at the same time, it would take a homeowner *3 years* to break-even on these new, "lower" rates. It's a sleight-of-hand trick pulled by the banks on the American people.

Foreclosures : The Last “Great Deal” In Housing Is Endangered

The number of foreclosed homes for sale is dwindling, yet buyer demand for them surges. Remember that highly-publicized, 25% discount for buying a bank-owned home? It's about to go away. If you're looking at foreclosures, here's where to find them.

The HARP Refinance Checklist : Get HARP-Approved More Quickly

On Nov 15, the government will release the details of its new HARP refinance program. By Dec. 1, lenders will be accepting applications. Early applicants are expected to get the lowest mortgage rates.

Cash-In Mortgages : Could You Have “Gone Jumbo” Instead?

Cash-in mortgages are in demand, but are they right for you? Check your alternatives first including FHA Streamline Refinance, HARP II, and the jumbo market.

Credit Score Under 740? Prepare To Overpay On Your Mortgage.

Most people know that low FICO scores influence the mortgage rates for which they're eligible. For the past 3 years, though, they've raised closing costs, too.

Are Banks Holding Today’s Mortgage Rates Artificially High?

Mortgage rates are ultra-low these days, but they ought to be lower. Mortgage lenders may be holding mortgage rates artificially high.

Mortgage Rates Could Balloon After Wednesday Greece Outcome

It's a single-focus market, folks, and Greece is the word. If you're shopping for mortgage rates, heads-up.

What To Expect From The Revamped HARP Refinance Program

The HARP mortgage program will be revamped soon, government officials say. A lot more homeowners will be HARP-eligible. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming changes.

Buy A Foreclosed Home, Get A Great, Low Mortgage Rate

With each passing month, there are fewer and fewer foreclosures nationwide. Foreclosures are down on a year-to-year basis for the 12th straight month.

Synthetic Mortgage Rates In Printed Newspapers

The newspaper is a bad place to research for mortgage rates -- conforming, FHA, USDA or otherwise. The rates are "not real" and based on lofty assumptions.

Want Low Mortgage Rates? Get In Before The Government’s “Mass Refinance” Program Begins.

The government's revamped HARP program will create a surge in mortgage demand. Banks aren't equipped. Here's how you can beat the system and get lower rates.

October 2011 : Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Rates Scrape Rock-Bottom

With adjustable-rate mortgage rates available under 3 percent, it's a terrific time to look at ARMs.

Chart : How Does A Foreclosure, Missed Payment, And Maxed-Out Credit Card Change Your FICO Score

The company behind the FICO scoring model published a "What If?" series for common, specific credit missteps. See how your scores can change with a foreclosure, missed payment, maxed credit card, and more.

Mortgage Rates May Have Bottomed; Jobs Report Expects 60,000 Net New Jobs

Conforming, FHA, and USDA mortgage rates are rising. Will Friday's jobs report make them spike?

Chart : Your Home Purchasing Power Soars On Low Mortgage Rates

In 2011 -- for the same monthly payment -- you can borrow 77% more than you could in 1991. Buying a home is a relative bargain right now.

Mortgage Rates : Make Your Own Luck To Land Low Rates

When it comes to shopping for low mortgage rates, you're at the market's mercy and the market is merciless. Want to give yourself an advantage? Read on...

5-Year ARM Falls Below 3 Percent

The 2011 Refi Boom's Second Wave has started. 5-Year ARMs are leading the charge. Assuming discount points are paid, ARMs are now below 3 percent.