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The 15-Month Refinance Boom : Save 29% On Your Mortgage

The Mortgage Refinance Boom is ongoing. At today's rates, you could save 29% off your mortgage interest payments.

Mortgage Delinquency Rates Fall To 3-Year Low

So long as the economy continues to stay strong, mortgage default rates nationwide should continue to drop.

Rising Home Values Help Fannie Mae Post Biggest Profit Since 2007

Fannie Mae reports a $2.7 billion net profit for the first quarter of 2012. Fannie Mae execs cite stabilizing home prices, fewer defaults.

Movie Star Loans Highlight Private Mortgage Market Difficulties

The private mortgage market of RMBS is trying to do more, but risks remain high.

FHA Mortgage Rates Vs Conforming Mortgage Rates : Which Is Better For You?

Is an FHA mortgage better for you than a conventional one? A quick rundown of each product and a comparison chart.

Improving Markets Index : There Are Now 100 Improving U.S. Housing Markets

17 new housing markets were identified as "improving" in May.

Reverse Mortgages : 3 Big Banks Exit Reverse Mortgage Business

MetLife is the latest in a string of banks to cut the Reverse Mortgage program.

Short Sales Play Growing Role in Home Sales

New Short Sale rules for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac require 30-day approvals.

Foreclosures : There’s A New #1 State For Foreclosure Activity

After more than 5 years, Nevada is no longer the top state for foreclosures. Guess who's the new number one. (HINT: It's NOT California).

Mortgage Rates : Rising Because EVERYONE Wants To Refinance

Refinance applications rose 13.5% this week, straining mortgage lenders and underwriters. Expect higher mortgage rates to slow the flood.

What To Do When Your HARP 2.0 Application Is Denied For High Loan-To-Value

41 percent of HARP applicants report LTVs over 125%. Why are these homeowners having a hard time getting approved for HARP 2.0?

“How Much Home Can I Afford?” Is The Absolute Wrong Question

If your home search starts with the question "How much home can I afford?", you're doing it wrong. Your focus is misplaced. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or an experienced investor; whether you live in high-cost areas such New York City or Los Angeles, or affordable areas such as Columbus, Ohio or Blacksburg, Virginia; […]

Mortgage Rates : Is Spain This Year’s Greece?

Will Spain be this year's Greece? Home buyers and mortgage rate shoppers hope so.

How To Work The System : Avoid Paying The FHA’s New Mortgage Insurance Premium Schedule

The FHA is raising its mortgage insurance premiums April 9, 2012. Use the FHA's own rules against it to keep from paying higher rates.

Bimonthly Mortgage Payments : Convenient But Not Cheap

Bi-weekly mortgage payments are a viable way to shorten your loan by 6-8 years. However, they're not the cheapest way to pay down your loan.

Mortgage Trends : Homeowners Flock To 15-Year Mortgages Over 30-Year Mortgages

Last quarter, 1 in 4 conforming mortgage applicants ditched their 30-year mortgage for a 15-year fixed. There are good reasons why, too.

New FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums : A “Two-Class” System For FHA Mortgages

The FHA has restructured its mortgage insurance rates for 2012. This guide details the changes and can help you keep your FHA payments low.

Mortgage Rates Drop, Discount Points Double Since 2007

It's no surprise why mortgage discount points have doubled since 2007. Banks know you better than you know yourself.

White House Expected To Announce New FHA Refinance Options Today

The White House is expected to announce new FHA mortgage options, including a reduction in MIP for certain Streamline Refinance applicants.

Mortgage Rates Responding To Rising Gas Prices?

With gas prices rising, mortgage rates for all loan types -- FHA, conventional, USDA, VA and jumbo -- should rise over the next few days.