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Mortgage Rates : Has Wall Street Changed Its QE3 Expectation?

Mortgage rates worsened Wednesday despite anticipation for a third round of quantitative easing (QE3).

Improve Your Mortgage Approval : The Income-Equity-Credit Triangle

Mortgage underwriting may be strict, but there's no magic formula for getting approved. Satisfy the Mortgage Income-Equity-Credit Triangle.

Mortgage Rates : Strong Demand for 3-Year Treasury Ahead of FOMC

On the day that the FOMC begins a 2-day meeting to discuss QE3, Germany may rule that the European Stability Mechanism is against its own constitution.

FHA Waives Its 3-Year Foreclosure Waiting Period

The FHA may change its treatment of foreclosures, short sales and bankruptcies in a buyer's credit history, adding to the pool of home buyers nationwide.

Banks Reduce HARP Closings For Loans Over 125% LTV By Half

Mortgage lenders did half as many high-LTV HARP refinances in July as compared to June. Overall refinance volume climbed 1.2% during the same period.

Mortgage Rates: Jobs Report Falls Short, QE3 Expectations Build

The weak jobs report has Wall Street betting on QE3 stimulus from the Federal Reserve this week. Because of g-fees, though, mortgage rates may rise anyway.

Mortgage Rates : Jumping On ECB Bond Buy, G-Fees. Jobs Data Looms.

Mortgage rates rocketed higher Thursday, as pricing worsened by 50 basis points. The ECB "went big" on bonds as new g-fees compounded its effect on rates.

Mortgage Rates Drop To 3.55% Just Ahead Of New, Mandatory G-Fees

Mortgage rates fell for the second straight week but new "g-fees" point to higher rates ahead. The window to refinance may be closing quickly.

Mortgage Rates : Losing Ground Ahead Of Eurozone Meeting

Refinance applications fell this week and mortgage rates lost ground Wednesday ahead of the European Central Meeting scheduled for Thursday.

HARP Statistics : Daily HARP Refinance Demand Since HARP 2.0 Launch

Since the launch of HARP 2.0, demand for the "underwater mortgage" program has surged. This day-to-day snapshot shows HARP demand remains strong.

FHA 203k Eligibility May Soon Expand To Real Estate Investors

HUD is expected to make its FHA 203k construction loan available to real estate investors soon.

Rankings : Bethesda, Maryland Tops List Of “Top-Earning Cities”

CNNMoney's list of top-earning cities ranks Bethesda, Maryland first. Where does your home town rank?

Mortgage Rates Dropping : QE3 May Launch Sooner Than Expected

Mortgage rates dropped last week for the first time in a month. Rate shoppers who missed those 3.49% 30-year fixed rate mortgage rates may get their fabled second chance soon. Will they be ready for it, though?

Your Credit Report Will Be Re-Pulled Just Prior To Closing (And It Could Change Your Loan Terms)

When does "cleared to close" not mean "cleared to close"? When Fannie Mae's involved! Keep your loan approval intact all the way through funding. Here's how.

Mortgages On Maternity Leave : MGIC Settlement Streamlines Loan Approvals

MGIC settles housing discrimination claim with the Department of Justice and agrees to revise approval guidelines related to family leave.

HARP Refinance : An Alternative To Strategic Default

It takes more than FICO scores to predict the likelihood of default anymore. Strategic defaults have bombed the algorithm. HARP loans may be the answer.

Mortgage Rates Would Be Higher If Not For Low Inflation

Inflation is the enemy of mortgage rates and, for now, CPI is low. Rising gas prices threaten the economy, though, and may take mortgage rates with them.

HARP 3 : Giving The #MyRefi Program To 7 Million U.S. Households

The #MyRefi program is getting serious consideration in Washington and may pass later this year.

FHA Mortgage Rates Lower Than “Freddie Mac” Mortgage Rates

There is a big advantage to "going FHA" these days -- especially if you're making a low downpayment purchase. FHA mortgage rates are low as compared to conventional ones.

Rising Mortgage Rates Help Boost Purchase Mortgage Market Share

As mortgage rates rise for the third straight week, purchase money mortgage applications gain on the number of refinance applications.