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Rose McMackin
- 2 min read

The rise of the modern farmhouse

A decade ago, “modern farmhouse” might have described a newly built house on a farm. Today, these simple, cozy homes appeal to nostalgia for simpler, lower-tech lifestyles.

Ashley Baskin
- 2 min read

Modern homes: The style Millennials love

Easily customized and designed to reduce energy and maintenance costs, modern homes are a popular choice for Millennial home buyers.

Ashley Baskin
- 2 min read

Why Craftsman homes are making a comeback

Craftsman homes are gaining popularity with today’s new home buyers. Their attractive design and eco-friendly layouts make these some of the most sought-after homes today.

Pete Gerardo
- 4 min read

How to buy a short sale home

Buying a short sale home can get you a great deal. In fact, it should, because short sale transactions are not exactly fast or easy much of the time.