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Today's Mortgage Rates in Idaho

Today’s mortgage and refinance rates plus current home buying and refinance advice for Idaho residents

Buying a home in Idaho

Buying a home in Idaho can be a rewarding experience if you do it right. Everybody looking to buy a house in Idaho should work up a contract in writing. Oral agreements aren't enough. Although it is true that oral contracts in real property are valid in Idaho, the courts may or may not choose to recognize oral agreements. And it’s better not to have to go to court in order to find out. Idaho is a common law state, which means that contracts are interpreted strictly — with the exceptions of misrepresentation and fraud. So, it is safest to check everything before signing any contracts when house hunting in the Gem State. It’s also important to be specific. So you need to be ready to point out and clarify any unclear contract wording. The courts will not be swung by any assumptions by the buyer. Additionally, consider whether having an attorney on your side might be a good investment.

Refinancing a home in Idaho

Idaho isn’t the sort of state to stand between two willing parties to a contract. So it’s unlikely you’ll have any state-specific issues when you come to refinance. It’ll typically be as easy as when you got your current mortgage. In fact, a refinance might be even easier, especially if you choose a streamline refinance. Products like the FHA Streamline replace an existing FHA loan without an appraisal or even income documentation. But remember, with a Streamline Refinance, you won’t be able to take out any cash. So this works only for those who want a lower mortgage rate or monthly payment or a shorter term. Streamline refis are available for certain types of mortgages. Those are mostly government-backed ones from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Agriculture (USDA). If you're unsure of which type of loan you have currently, check with one of the lenders on the table above to find out.

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