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Dan Green
- 2 min read

Over The Long-Term, Cash-Out Refis Can Be Cheaper Than Lines Of Credit

It doesn’t take an elephant’s memory to remember that Prime Rate was 8 percent-plus just 2 years ago. A few years before that, Prime Rate neared 10 percent. These are the facts that the banks aren’t selling. Instead, banks and credit unions are dangling low “start rates” as bait and looking for homeowners to bite.

Dan Green
- 1 min read

Three Common Objections To Interest Only Mortgages, Rebutted Point-By-Point

MSN Money recently ran an article stating that interest only loans are bad choices for most borrowers. The headline ran as “Interest-only loans: not magic, usually not smart”. Then, the next line: The last interest-only mortgage craze ended with a wave of foreclosures in the Great Depression. Today’s interest-only ARMs…