Dahna Chandler

Dahna Chandler, contributor

Dahna Chandler is an award-winning business and finance journalist with 20 years of experience writing for major media outlets and top blogs. She is passionate about helping wealth-minded people thrive financially by reaching their wealth objectives.

Articles by Dahna Chandler

- 13 min read

Types of home loans: How do I choose the right home loan?

When shopping for a mortgage, you’ll choose a product from several types of home loans. Here are the drawbacks and advantages of each typ of mortgage, and how to choose your next mortgage.

- 5 min read

Best app-driven house cleaning services

House cleaning services are easier to find and engage today, thanks to home cleaning apps. You can select, schedule, pay and rate cleaning services online.

- 13 min read

Complete guide to building a house

Is is cheaper to buy or build a house? Which option will give you what you want, at a price you can afford? This complete guide to building a house will help you answer that question and get the most home for your money.