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Gina Pogol
- 3 min read

Rental home changes: Can you make improvements to your rental?

Making your rental house a home may take a few improvements. But that rental home changes can you get away with? The renovations you can get away with in a rental home depend on your contract, and on how you go about doing them.

Erik J. Martin
- 4 min read

Protecting your security deposit

Do you get your security deposit back? It depends. Protecting your security deposit is important, or you may have to kiss it goodbye when you terminate a lease, Here is what you need to know.

Peter Warden
- 5 min read

Breaking a lease: moving on with minimum damage

The best of plans… There’s an easy way to avoid breaking a lease: Don’t sign one in the first place. If there’s a real chance you’re going to have to […]

Peter Warden
- 5 min read

How to rent a house: job and income requirements

In this article: Landlords usually expect new tenants to have enough money and a good repayment track record before trusting them with their property. So when you’re wondering how to […]

Peter Warden
- 6 min read

What to look for in a rental agreement or lease

In this article: You’re looking to rent a home. Would you be better off with a rental agreement or lease? Is there even a difference between the two? Rental agreements […]