Rose McMackin

Rose McMackin, editor

Rose McMackin is a culture writer and architecture nerd. She lives in Seattle with a dog who performs all his own stunts.

Articles by Rose McMackin

- 1 min read

These fairytale Tudor homes have become uncommon. Here’s why.

Tudor style homes are easy to spot, even if you aren’t an architecture buff. Their distinct appearance — medieval-influenced windows and brick exterior accented with half-timbering — is deeply recognizable.

- 3 min read

Serial eviction trends hint at a new housing crisis

A new study from Georgia State University examined serial eviction filings and revealed patterns in landlord behavior reminiscent of the subprime mortgage crisis a decade ago, suggesting that the mounting eviction crisis may be the newest American housing crisis.

- 2 min read

The rise of the modern farmhouse

A decade ago, “modern farmhouse” might have described a newly built house on a farm. Today, these simple, cozy homes appeal to nostalgia for simpler, lower-tech lifestyles.