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Peter Miller, contributor

Peter G. Miller, author of The Common Sense Mortgage, is a real estate writer syndicated in more than ​50​ newspapers nationwide. Peter has been featured on Oprah, the Today Show, Money Magazine, CNN and more.

Articles by Peter Miller

- 4 min read

Higher credit scores likely in 2019 and here’s why

Experian promises higher credit scores if only you will give them access to your bank account. Remember, these are the people who had security problems with more than 100 million accounts…

- 3 min read

Buying a home: Should you skip the home appraisal?

Buyers may soon be able to opt out of the home appraisal when they apply for a mortgage. That may save hundreds of dollars, but id skipping the appraisal a good idea?

- 7 min read

Should I accept a contingent offer when I sell my home?

“Should I accept a contingent offer when selling my home?,” you might wonder. It depends on the contingencies. Which are normal and which are weird? How desperate are you? And do you have better options?