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Joe Jessie has helped companies such as luxury real estate firm Sotheby's International reach a wider audience via social media and content.

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- 1 min read

Good deed by homeless veteran leads to $350K

Military veteran’s good deed doesn’t go unnoticed Kate McClure had no idea how she was going to get gas. Parked off an exit, past midnight she sat in her car. […]

- 2 min read

How millennials influence the housing market

Millennials impacting the housing market According to one national housing trend report, first-time buyers make up 47 percent of all purchases. Half of those buyers are under 36 years old. […]

- 1 min read

Amazon Key service lets carriers unlock your front door

The new Amazon delivery service gives carriers the ability to unlock your front door to leave packages Ever bought a package on Amazon and thought, “I hope no one takes […]

- 3 min read

10 things NOT to say to your mortgage lender

There are a number of things you shouldn’t say to your mortgage lender that can lead to your loan application being denied. Don’t let it be you.