Erik J. Martin

Erik J. Martin, contributor

Erik J. Martin has written on real estate, business, tech and other topics for Reader's Digest, AARP The Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune.

Articles by Erik J. Martin

- 4 min read

Home renovation: Expect the unexpected

Nearly half of those have ever bought a home experienced an unexpected home renovation during the first year. Here’s how to prepare for the unexpected.

- 4 min read

Good news for home buyers: It’s a buyer’s m

If you’ve been looking for a home to buy, you have probably been frustrated by the tight seller’s market. But the tide is turning and now it’s a buyer’s market in many parts of the country.

- 5 min read

Home equity can make you rich: Here’s how

Building home equity is important, why finding a home with the potential to become equity rich is also important. Learn how to increase home equity here.