Craig Berry

Craig Berry, contributor

With 17 years in mortgage banking, Craig Berry has helped thousands achieve their home ownership goals.

Articles by Craig Berry

- 6 min read

Can I get a mortgage on maternity leave?

Yes, you can get a mortgage on maternity leave. But you might need extra documentation proving you’ll return to work after. Here’s what you need to know.

- 8 min read

Can you get a 30-year home loan as a senior?

Seniors face unique home buying challenges. Here’s what you need to know about senior home buying programs and getting a mortgage in retirement.

- 5 min read

Can you still get stated income loans?

Stated income loans were all the rage pre-2008, but they don’t exist anymore. Learn what companies really mean when they say “stated income loan” today.

- 4 min read

Should I refinance or just pay down the principal?

“Should I refinance?” That’s a good question, and the answer depends on what you want to accomplish, and if refinancing will help you meet your goal.