Casey Morris

Casey Morris, contributor

Casey Morris is a finance and tech journalist. She has written for Forbes Asia, The Washington Post, and a number of finance publications and institutions.

Articles by Casey Morris

- 7 min read

Mortgage brokers: What they do and how to find one

Mortgage brokers help you find the best home loan for your needs. Learn about the pros of working with a mortgage broker and how to find the right one .

- 11 min read

Mortgage denial stats by race: What we can learn

A recent report showed racial divides in mortgage approval and denial. We look closer at the data to see why, and how anyone can improve their chance of mortgage success.

- 6 min read

6 Tips to find a great real estate agent

A great real estate agent is key to the home buying process. Here are 6 tips to find a real estate agent who fits your needs as a buyer.