Ashley Baskin

Ashley Baskin, contributor

Ashley Baskin is a graduate of UCLA and has hands-on experience working in real estate. She uses her knowledge to pursue her passion for writing. She has a unique way of blending the hard facts and numbers with a personable touch.

Articles by Ashley Baskin

- 2 min read

Why townhouses are popular with first-time home buyers

A new townhouse can be an amazing value for first-time home buyers who want the privacy of a single-family home, but—as a first-time home buyer—can’t afford the price.

- 2 min read

Modern homes: The style Millennials love

Easily customized and designed to reduce energy and maintenance costs, modern homes are a popular choice for Millennial home buyers.

- 2 min read

Why Craftsman homes are making a comeback

Craftsman homes are gaining popularity with today’s new home buyers. Their attractive design and eco-friendly layouts make these some of the most sought-after homes today.

- 3 min read

7 Kitchen Trends for 2019

Here are the top kitchen trends for 2019 that builders and homeowners simply can’t get enough of.

- 3 min read

5 home interior design trends for 2019

Here’s what’s on the style horizon for 2019: Get ready for a pop of color, big statements, bold kitchens, floral patterns, and eco-friendly accents. Let’s look at what interior designers and homeowners will be doing to their homes next year.