Everything you need to know aboutVA Loans

Tim Lucas
- 21 min read

10 biggest benefits to VA home loans in 2020

VA loans offer benefits unmatched by conventional and FHA financing, plus the program provides extra low mortgage rates to eligible military borrowers.

Peter Miller
- 7 min read

Guide to 2020 VA mortgage loan changes

VA mortgage fees and loan limits will change on January 1, 2020. Some vets will pay more while others will pay less. Here’s how VA loan changes affect you.

Peter Miller
- 6 min read

VA loan series: VA vs FHA vs USDA mortgages [VIDEO]

There are a number of VA loan service requirements. They determine how much borrowers pay to use the VA mortgage program. VA-qualified borrowers can obtain mortgage financing with very advantageous terms. So how do the advantages (and eligibility requirements) of a VA loan stack up against USDA and FHA loans? Let’s find out.

Gina Pogol
- 5 min read

6 reason veterans consider non-VA loans

VA loans are usually the best option for U.S. military veterans, but not always. When to choose another loan type, plus, see today’s mortgage rates.

Peter Miller
- 3 min read

Which Is Better, A Military Loan or FHA Financing?

The military loan for homebuying, of VA mortgage, is a great benefit for eligible families. However, it’s not the only loan available. There are private and other government-backed loans as well.