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Las Vegas rent prices just keep rising; only one city sees rents drop

Renters in Las Vegas may want to reconsider their living situations. According to new data, the city has the highest year-over-year rent growth in the entire nation, with rent prices rising 5.3 percent since last February.

Lease agreement: typical upfront costs of leasing a home

Your lease agreement spells out the upfront costs of leasing a home. Make sure you understand these costs before committing to a lease.

How to get approved for an apartment

How to get approved for an apartment? Have the income (about three times the rent), decent credit and references.

What to look for in a rental agreement or lease

Rent versus lease: key differences You’re looking to rent a home. Would you be better off with a rental agreement or lease? Is there even a difference between the two? Rental agreements are generally month-to-month, and either you or the landlord can terminate the agreement with 30 days’ notice. They allow you maximum freedom to […]

How to get out of a lease with a roommate

Get out of a lease with a roommate the right way Even the best plans can fail, and you may have to get out of a lease with a roommate, despite your best intentions. Here’s how to minimize the fallout: Give as much notice to your landlord as you can Show prospective tenants around while […]

Renters: how to make a winning repair request

Tenant’s rights and repair requests A repair request for a rented home or apartment is not the moment to be shy. Know your rights and how to make repair requests. In most places, the landlord is responsible for keeping the home “habitable.” The landlord has the right to inspect the place to make sure you’re […]

New place? Check out moving tips for new renters

If you have never lived in your own place before, check out these moving tips for new renters. You’re sure to find money- or time-saving ideas right here.

What happens if you break a lease?

What happens if you break a lease? Expect repercussions. But here’s how to handle and avoid them if possible.

Protecting your security deposit

protecting your security deposit is important, or you may have to kiss it goodbye when you terminate a lease, Here is what you need to know.

Tenant rights: What happens in foreclosure?

Tenant rights when landlord is foreclosed Your rights depend on the state in which you live — often, your lease can be terminated Your obligation to pay rent continues as long as you remain in the property You have leverage because banks preferred occupied homes to abandoned property Tenant rights usually involve such issues as […]

What credit score do you need to rent an apartment?

What credit score do you need to rent an apartment or rental house? In some cases, more than you do to buy a house. Here’s how to avoid a credit check, and to improve your score if you have to pass one.

Considering a home with a long commute? Don’t drive yourself crazy

Considering a home with a long commute? Reconsider, for the sake of your wallet, your health and your sanity.

How to move out of your parents’ house

You could just pack up your stuff and move out of your parents’ house and in with a friend. But that’s probably not the smartest way to be successful as a young adult paying for housing. Follow these tips to do it right and be more comfortable.

5 steps to finding the best-value homes for rent — and getting one

To get the best homes for rent, you need to be an attractive prospect for landlords. Check your credit and clean it up or at least explain any blemishes Get references in advance Choose property you can afford so they know you’ll be able to pay on time Rental housing: Get the most for your […]

Apartment finder websites key to good rentals

The best apartment finder websites can make searching for an affordable and comfortable place easier. Here’s a list of sites and tips for using them fully.

Tips for landlords: Beware of tenants who are identity thieves

Tips for landlords: how to avoid tenants who are identity thieves

The worst places to rent in America; is it time to buy a home?

If you need a bigger reason not to continue renting, new data just provided it. It seems not only are rents 2.8 percent higher than one year ago, but nearly 90 percent of America’s biggest cities have seen rent prices jump in the last month. A mere 2 percent experienced rent drops.

Tips for landlords: how to set your rent

Tips for landlords: how to set your monthly rent. The rent you can expect from your property depends on many factors, but generally runs between .8 and 1.1 percent of the home’s market value.

Your state may let you deduct savings for down payments

Some states help with homeownership There is a small but growing number of states that are using their tax systems to encourage would-be homeowners to save for their down payments. Is yours one of those that allow you to make deductions? And how much help might you get? Read on to find out. Down payments […]

2018 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)