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Signs are good for housing market; CEO predicts strong 2018

Things are looking up for the U.S. housing marketing in 2018 – at least according to one CEO. It seems changing migration patterns and increasing housing starts all spell good news for the market as we head into the new year.

America’s best neighborhoods are in Chicago

Finding the perfect place to live is hard, but according to Redfin, Chicago might be the place to start. The Windy City is home to a number of the nation’s best neighborhoods – communities with affordable housing, high levels of inventory, an easy commute, low rates of crime and great schools.

Texas, Arizona top list for most popular U.S. migration spots

When it comes to moving, Americans largely headed south in 2017. According to new data, Texas was the top state for U.S. migration, while Tempe, Arizona, took the honors for top city.

Can’t save for a down payment? Your employer may be able to help

Need help saving for your down payment? Then you may want to find a new job. Thanks to a new offering from crowdfunding platform HomeFundMe, employers can now make down payments a bona fide part of their benefits packages.

Luxury real estate options abound, though tax reform could stall growth

Looking for the life of luxury? Then you’re in luck. The luxury real estate market isn’t as inventory-strapped as more affordable housing is. In fact, there’s actually a pretty wide selection of luxury properties on the market as we kick off 2018.

Hate traffic? These commuter-friendly metros might just be your dream come true

Don’t want to waste your life away with tedious and traffic-filled commutes? Then Eugene, Oregon, is the place to be. With a mere 19-minute average morning drive-time, it’s the nation’s single-best metro for commuters.

Lending gets easier for Millennial home buyers

It seems lending standards are loosening for Millennial home buyers. According to new data, the average FICO score for a Millennial buyer has dropped two full points over the last year. Scores are down even more on refinance loans.

Renting takes another hit; could housing step in and pick up the slack?

America’s rental market is on a downturn. According to a new report, not only has the overall renter population decreased in the last year, but rental prices have jumped as well. Could it spell good news for housing?

Don’t want a bidding war? Avoid these neighborhoods

Want to avoid a bidding war? You might want to steer clear of the West Coast -- and particularly Seattle.

Will 2017 housing end on a high note?

This year’s housing market should close out with a better performance than 2016, and with a strong economy and an improving job market in the works, 2018 could spell even better things to come down the line.

Home prices rise – except in these states

If you’re looking to avoid skyrocketing home prices, then try heading North. According to new data, that’s the only part of the country where prices are bucking national trends – and actually falling month over month.

2018 primed for a banner housing year; builders confident while renting lags

Confidence up, renting down It looks like 2018 could be a banner year for housing. Not only has homebuilder confidence has hit its highest point in 18 years, but renting – and the building of rental units – is on a downturn. Both spell good news for the housing market. Buoyed builders According to the […]

Buying a home? Just 18 Bitcoin could do the trick

Buying with Bitcoin With Bitcoin value jumping more than 183 percent in November alone, there’s no doubt that cryptocurrency is booming. But could it be a viable way to buy or sell a home? Apparently, it already is. Cashing in on cryptocurrency As of Dec. 12, one Bitcoin was worth just under $17,000. And as […]

Are the days of under-valued appraisals over? One study says it might be

Appraisals start to match up Appraisals have long been the bane of home buyer existence. As home prices have climbed, appraisals just haven’t caught up, and the result has been more and more out-of-pocket expenses for today’s buyers, or a lost sale altogether. Fortunately, it looks like those days may be numbered. Buyers, appraisers finally […]

No-budge buying: What today’s home buyers aren’t willing to compromise on

A new type of dream home With inventory tight and prices rising, many home buyers are having to give up some of those “nice-to-haves” in order to find a house in today’s market. But according to a new survey, there are five major attributes buyers just aren’t willing to budge on. No compromise ValueInsured recently […]

The dream home: What does it look like for different buyers?

Buyer preference breakdown It appears the ultimate dream home looks very different from buyer to buyer. According to a new study, men, women, parents, non-parents and even dog- and cat-owners have distinct preferences when it comes to homes they’ll buy. There are even big differences between Android and iPhone users. Men vs. women Redfin recently […]

The 2017 tax reform bill and real estate: what it means if you’re buying a home

Many homebuyers and property owners have questions about the new tax reform bill and real estate. Here's what you need to know about the possible effects on property ownership.

The Millennial home buyer gender gap: male vs. female mortgage characteristics

The mortgage experience is not completely equal for the male versus female Millennial homebuyer.

Selling a house without the hassle: full-service home prep available

Selling a house is a lot of work, specially the preparation. But a new service can take care of that for you. So you can increase your sales price without doing all that work yourself.

No Realtor? No problem. Let these robots take the wheel

Can real estate agent be replaced by robots? Not yet, but new technology helps your agent help you. Or lets you tour homes worldwide from your own home.

2018 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)