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New app makes FSBOs easier; cuts out realtor commissions

Looking to save on those realtor commissions? Want to sell your home without an agent? A new app may be able to help.

Buying a house? Here’s where you’ll see the most appreciation

Buying a house and want to see serious returns when you sell? Then head west. According to a new forecast, homes in Washington and Nevada will appreciate the most in the next year.

The best cities for first-time homebuyers

Rising house prices and a lack of starter home inventory has made things difficult for today’s first-time homebuyers, but according to new data, there are still some places where first-timers can get a deal. The No. 1 best place? That’d be Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Millennial credit scores aren’t perfect – but they’re still buying homes

Millennials now make up the biggest share of homebuyers in the country, but their credit is far from perfect. In fact, according to new data, average credit scores of Millennial homebuyers ranged from 662 to upwards of 750, depending on the city.

Moving out of state: Here’s where Americans are migrating

Out of state moves are on the rise and according to a new analysis, Washington, D.C., North Dakota and Wyoming are the top destinations. A whopping 9.1 percent of D.C.’s current population moved from another state in within the last five years.

Average rents hit all-time high — even in small towns

Home prices might be up, but rents aren’t any better. In fact, according to new data, the average rents clocked in at $1,405 last month–the country’s highest rents of all time.

Selling a house in the summer? These features can help you do it — and for more cash

Putting your home on the market? Selling a house for a client this summer? According to a recent study, certain outdoor features can help you do — and get more money in the process.

Construction jobs rise; will housing inventory do the same?

The latest news out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics may bode well for the housing market — and Americans looking to buy into it. According to the BLS’s recent jobs report, construction employment was up by 13,000 in June and has risen more than 280,000 since the start of the year.

Selling your home? Here’s where you’ll make the most bank

If you live on the West Coast, you may want to consider selling your home. According to new data, some Western homeowners made as much as $296,000 by selling their properties last year – and considering home values have only risen since then, today’s sellers stand to earn even more when putting their home on the market.

Can’t afford a house? Share one – it’s all the rage

The number of young adults sharing a home is on the rise – especially with people they’re not related to. Unable to afford a house on their own, a whopping 3.3 million share one with non-relatives, an 80-percent jump over 1990’s stats.

Building permits offer hope for homebuyers out West

Western homebuyers can rejoice. If a recent rise in single-family residential building permits is any indication, the area could see an influx of new inventory in the coming years.

Shopping for a luxury home? New AR tech can help you find the perfect one

Luxury home shoppers are in luck. Thanks to a new augmented reality tool, shopping for high-end homes – and envisioning the possibilities in them – is now easier than ever.

Confidence in housing market hits 4-year high

Rising home prices and mortgage rates can’t keep homebuyers down. According to a new survey, confidence in the U.S. housing market is at record highs—particularly across the South and West.

Renters pay too much for too little, new studies show

Things aren’t looking good for renters. According to new data, most can’t afford to live where they want, and the places they can afford? They don’t offer the amenities renters are looking for.

Home prices aren’t that high, history shows

Rising home prices have certainly made headlines in recent months, but according to historical data, housing’s still relatively affordable. When factoring in things like income and other data, home prices are still 32.1 percent below their 2006 peak.

Bargain beach houses: The nation’s most affordable seaside towns

It turns out beach houses don’t have to break the bank. According to a new list, 10 American beach towns offer the best of both worlds — affordable housing and seaside views.

No-commission real estate agents sell your home at a fraction of the cost

Want to sell your home without paying that 6 percent commission? One real estate agency is looking to turn the old model of selling a home on its head, offering no commission realtors throughout the Northeast.

Home equity gains hit $1 trillion; Western homeowners come out on top

It’s a good time to be a homeowner. According to new data, American homeowners have gained more than $16,000 in equity over the past year—and even more growth is on the horizon.

New condo concept puts resort living within reach for Millennials

Luxurious resort living without the luxury price tag? Thanks to a new condo concept in Park City, Utah, it just may be possible – even for cash-strapped Millennials.

The city with the most vacation homes and investment properties might surprise you

Though most would assume the nation’s top spot for vacation homes, investment properties and second homes would be someplace warm, sunny and on a beach, that couldn’t be further from the truth. According to a new ranking, the city with the most non-owner occupied homes is none other than landlocked Oklahoma City.

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Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)