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Homebuyers: How does your financial literacy measure up?

If you fall in line with the findings of a recent financial literacy study, you may want to consider studying up before buying a home. According to the data, a large chunk of Americans aren’t familiar with some of the most basic financial terms — many of which play a big role in both buying and owning a home.

The top spots for Generation Z home buyers

It looks like the suburbs are getting a serious dose of growth in the coming years. According to a new analysis, a whopping 60 percent of Generation Z prefer suburban living — and 83 percent of that cohort plans to buy a home in the next five years.

Survey says: Housing market competition finally thinning out

It seems like the red-hot housing market might finally be cooling off. According to a new survey, almost half of all homeowners think home buying has gotten less competitive in the last year. Even more think the ever-pricy California and Colorado markets have slowed down.

2018 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)