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Housing starts fall in July. When will home inventory catch up with demand?

Started homes dropped slightly in July, which doesn't help the home buyer's plight: not enough homes to buy.

Home Sellers Strangely Pessimistic In A Raging Seller’s Market

We know why buyers are discouraged: lack of housing inventory? But why are sellers also pessimistic about their selling opportunities? Advice and analysis.

Hope For Home Buyers: Cash Buyers Bow Out, Fall Is Coming

It's the best time of 2017 to get pre-approved. Fall is coming, and it could become way easier to buy a home. Forecast and analysis.

Strong Buyer Demand Can’t Budge New Home Sales

New-construction home sales inched up in June, but could have been much higher if buyers could find more new homes to buy.

Housing Starts Bounce Back in June, But Is It Enough?

New construction home building is showing signs of life. Still, home builders admit severe challenges to building, and demand outstrips supply.

Mortgage Rates Destined To Rise? Not According To Consumers, Says Study

Mortgage rates are poised to fall, say consumers. A record number of survey respondents are calling for lower rates, according to a new Fannie Mae Study.

Low Supply Chokes Off Home Sales

Home sales fell again despite the fact that many want to buy. A low supply is the culprit. Here's what to do about it.

Report: Home Buyers Make Up 68% Of Mortgage Market

For 26 months straight, home buyers have made their presence known in the mortgage market. Now, home buyers represent 2-in-3 mortgage applicants.

Harvard Research: The Future Of Home Prices In 2017 & 2018

What will home prices do in 2017 and beyond? Find out what Harvard University researchers cam eup with in their latest study, The State of the Nation's Housing -- 2017 Edition.

New Home Sales Pick Up Steam; Resale Inventory Tightens

New-construction home sales rebounded in May, coming back from a lackluster start of spring. Are there still deals on new homes?

Report: Homes Selling Faster Than Any Time In Recorded History

Home supply is tight, and homes are selling fast. Mortgage rates are favorable. Is it time to enter the market?

Better Deal On New Homes Because Of This Emerging Trend?

New construction is showing signs of weakness after the third straight month of declines. Are deals about to re-appear in the marketplace?

Should You Use A Home Builder’s Preferred Lender?

Shopping for a new construction home? Read this before using the home builder's preferred lender.

Selling A Home: Meet Gen X and Gen Y (Your New Buyers)

If you're selling a home, it helps to know your market. Meet gen X and Gen Y, your buyers.

How To Compete With International Cash Buyers

First-timers face a new obstacle in their quest for homeownership -- having to compete with cash buyers from other countries. You can win a bidding war against a competitor with cash with these strategies.

Homes Selling Faster Than Any Time In Recorded History

Home supply is tight, and homes are selling fast. Mortgage rates are favorable. Is it time to enter the market?

Will Home Buying Get Easier The Last Half Of 2017?

Home prices actually fell during the first quarter of 2017. Was the drop seasonal, or will home prices continue to decline this year?

Home Prices Rise In The West, Fall In The East

Prices are up more than 6% since last year, but the story changes regionally. The west coast has posted a 1.4% one-month gain, but a loss on the east coast.

New Home Sales Post Surprising Spring Loss

New construction home sales cooled off in April, in what should have been a red-hot spring month. But, sales still match high 2016 levels.

Rising Wages Helping More Afford Homes

In 25 percent of US housing markets, buyers are less able to afford homes than they used to be. Fortunately, rising wages are closing the gap, and houses purchased today will likely be worth more tomorrow.

2017 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)