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Ashley Baskin
- 3 min read

5 home interior design trends for 2019

Here’s what’s on the style horizon for 2019: Get ready for a pop of color, big statements, bold kitchens, floral patterns, and eco-friendly accents. Let’s look at what interior designers and homeowners will be doing to their homes next year.

Aly J. Yale
- 2 min read

How student loan debt hurts Millennial home buyers

It’s no secret that crippling student loan debt keeps many Millennials from buying a home. But according to new data, Millennials with student loan debt aren’t just less likely to own a home. When they do buy? They face more expensive mortgage loans and lower home values, too.

Dahna Chandler
- 5 min read

Best app-driven house cleaning services

House cleaning services are easier to find and engage today, thanks to home cleaning apps. You can select, schedule, pay and rate cleaning services online.