Everything you need to know aboutFICO & Credit Scores

Peter Warden
- 5 min read

How to use a personal loan for debt consolidation

This emerging financial tool is helping more consumers by the day. If used correctly, personal loans can help tame debt and make it more realistic to become debt-free.

Peter Miller
- 4 min read

FHA credit score eligibility: How low does FHA go?

FHA credit score eligibility depends on just a few special numbers. That, at least, is the quick take. But if you look deeper you can see that the relationship between FHA mortgages and credit scores is more complicated.

Gina Pogol
- 8 min read

Guide to improving your credit score

Your mortgage rate depends heavily on your credit score. And because the mortgage is usually your largest debt, improving your credit score could save you more than you think. In fact, the consumer with good credit could save enough while paying their mortgage to buy a car. With cash.