New app makes FSBOs easier; cuts out realtor commissions

Aly J. Yale
Aly J. Yale
The Mortgage Reports Contributor
July 19, 2018 - 2 min read

Streamlining FSBOs

Looking to save on those realtor commissions? Want to sell your home without an agent? Then a new app may be able to help.

Buying and selling goes mobile

With a mobile app called HomeNinja, the right buyer or seller is just a tap away. No agents – or costly realtor commissions – required.

Designed to make for sale by owner transactions more seamless, the app has tools for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can browse listings, create a dream home “wish list” and get connected with sellers, real estate attorneys, appraisers and more.

Sellers can post their properties directly, creating the listing right on their screen with no commissions or fees required.

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Cutting out commissions

According to Tom Madden, CEO of TransMedia Group and a former realtor, the app makes both buying and selling more affordable.

“Co-founders Michael Oshins and Larry Post designed their ingenious app to eliminate the middleman in real estate transactions, the realtor, by providing a platform that all potential homeowners can download to make purchasing and selling property effortless and less expensive by avoiding commissions,” Madden said.

No-commission real estate agents sell your home at a fraction of the cost

These savings can mean big things for buyers, according to Madden.

“The money spent on commissions could be the difference between buying your home in a better school zone, increasing your square footage or even renovating it,” Madden said. “As someone with many years of experience as a realtor, I see HomeNinja as disruptively innovative and in the forefront of how the market is changing, thanks to digital and DIY.”

HomeNinja is currently available for iOS devices only.

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Cutting out realtor commissions is one way to save cash on your home purchase. Want to save even more? Then shop around and see what mortgage rates you qualify for today.

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