Downsizing? Here’s where the nation’s best tiny homes are

Aly J. Yale
The Mortgage Reports contributor

Itty bitty living space

On the hunt for a tiny house? Then make your way to California. According to a new analysis, the state’s Riverside area has the greatest number of tiny home listings in the entire country.

Tiny homes, big state

According to a new analysis of tiny home listings by Redfin, Riverside, California, has the nation’s largest number of tiny houses. The city currently has 153 on the market.

Phoenix has the second-most when it comes to tiny homes, with 99 listings currently on the market. New York City, Los Angeles and Tampa, Florida, round out the top five, with 86, 70 and 55 tiny homes on the market, respectively.

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According to Redfin agent Kalena Masching, Riverside’s ranking is no surprise.

“A lot of West Coasters are embracing a more minimalist lifestyle and also grappling with some of the highest home prices in the country,” Masching said. “Many are willing to give up square footage if it means the opportunity to live in a neighborhood they desire.”

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The best tiny homes on the market

Redfin also ranked the country’s top 10 most desirable tiny homes currently on the market. At No. 1 is a 580-square foot home in Seattle listed for $309,500. The home was listed just five days ago and already has 68 “favorites” from Redfin users.

Other in-demand tiny homes are in nearby Monroe, Gold Bar and Skykomish, Washington, while California cities like L.A., Pasadena, Monterey, San Diego, 29 Palms and Royal Oaks, also claim spots in the top 10.

The lowest-priced tiny home on the list comes in at $87,000 – a 240-square foot property in 29 Palms. The most expensive tiny home among Redfin listings is a 600-square foot cabin in Santa Cruz, California. It’s currently listed at $1.2 million.

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