Freddie Mac Launches DPA One: A Game-Changer for Home Buyers Seeking Down Payment Help

May 1, 2024 - 2 min read

A down payment assistance assistant 

In an effort to support aspiring homeowners and simplify the process of accessing down payment assistance programs, Freddie Mac launched a groundbreaking online resource called “DPA One”.

This innovative initiative is designed to help borrowers overcome one of the biggest hurdles to homeownership – the down payment. By streamlining the search for down payment assistance, DPA One aims to empower more individuals to achieve their dreams of owning a home.

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Making homeownership within reach

DPA One serves as a user-friendly and comprehensive platform that connects potential home buyers with down payment assistance programs across the country.

With a mission to broaden access to affordable lending and promote equitable housing finance, Freddie Mac’s DPA One initiative opens doors to homeownership by providing a centralized hub that offers essential information about down payment assistance.

Finding the right down payment assistance program

DPA One is an invaluable tool for borrowers looking to navigate the often complex landscape of down payment assistance programs.

The platform consolidates information from 395 programs offered by 227 providers, covering nearly all states and the District of Columbia. This inclusive collection ensures that borrowers across the nation can find suitable options tailored to their unique needs and local regulations.

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Simplifying the search process

By registering on the DPA One platform, potential home buyers gain access to an extensive database of down payment assistance programs, making it easier than ever to find the assistance they require.

The platform offers a streamlined search functionality, allowing borrowers to quickly identify relevant programs based on their location, eligibility criteria, and other key factors. DPA One significantly reduces the time and effort needed to find the most suitable down payment assistance options.

The bottom line

With the launch of DPA One, Freddie Mac took a bold step towards simplifying the process of accessing down payment assistance programs.

By utilizing this innovative online resource, potential home buyers can explore a multitude of down payment assistance options tailored to their specific needs, ultimately bringing the dream of homeownership within reach.

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Aleksandra Kadzielawski
Authored By: Aleksandra Kadzielawski
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