Considering an investment? Here’s where Airbnb hosts make the most

Aly J. Yale
The Mortgage Reports contributor

Short-term rentals, long-term opportunities

Looking to get in on the Airbnb game this year? Then look to the South and West. According to a new ranking, that’s where Airbnb hosts see the most profits year-round.

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Airbnb hosts with the most

According to a new ranking from IPX 1031, the most lucrative spots for Airbnb hosts are in California, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana.

Moreno Valley, California, takes the No. 1. Spot, offering hosts nearly $34,000 in annual profits. Though the average daily rate ($226) isn’t among the highest on the list, the city does boast an unusually high occupancy rate of 70 percent.

Buying a home to rent on Airbnb

Other cities where Airbnb hosts can make big bucks include Virginia Beach, Virginia ($32,208 annually); Pasadena, Texas ($29,988); Garden Grove, California ($29,772); Fremont, California ($26,700); Grand Prairie, Texas ($24,432); Columbus, Georgia ($23,820); Oxnard, California ($23,256); Orlando, Florida ($22,020); and Shreveport, Louisiana ($19,992). Oxnard clocks in with the highest average rate at $404 per night.

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Where guests have it best

On the renting side, Airbnb guests will see their money best used in the Northwest. In Spokane, Washington, for example, the average daily rate sits just below $100. A full half of Airbnb hosts in the area are designated “super hosts,” indicating top-notch service and high ratings.

Nearby Vancouver, Washington, and Eugene, Oregon, are both safe bets for guests as well. Both hover around the $100 range in rates and have a significant share of super hosts.

Guests may want to steer clear of Port St. Lucie, Florida, and Lancaster, California, though. The two cities claim the worst Airbnb hosts in the nation, according to the ranking.

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