The most common HOA complaints (and who’s doing the complaining!)

October 30, 2018 - 2 min read

Neighborhood pet peeves (and pet poop)

Moving to a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association? Then pay close attention to your music, pets and lawn. According to a new survey, these are some of HOAs’ most complained-about issues, regardless of location.

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HOA complaints by age group

According to a new survey from, the top HOA complaints vary by generation. Millennial residents, for instance, complain most about their neighbors’ loud music, parties and lawn appearance.

Gen Xers, on the other hand, are more likely to complain about landscaping, lawn maintenance and pet waste, while Baby Boomers’ top complaints are pet waste, loud music and landscaping.

“Millennials were the most likely to complain to their HOA if their neighbors played loud music. This jives with recent data that show millennials make the most sensitive neighbors,” the study found. “Baby boomers, however, seemed to be on poop patrol, as they were overwhelmingly most likely to call their HOA if they found their neighbors’ pet waste in their yards.”

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Broken down by gender, men were more likely to complain about noise and smoking. Women complained more about pets and the appearance of their neighbors’ lawns and home.

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How housing type factors in

The survey also found that HOA issues vary by housing type, too. Condo HOAs see mostly arguments, missing officers and accusations at meetings, while HOAs for single-family neighborhoods experience more verbal aggression and 0verall meeting chaos.

Physical aggression is most common at townhouse HOA meetings and less likely at condo ones.

“The majority of homeowners, no matter their property type, reported witnessing arguments at an HOA board meeting,” the study found. “Most homeowners reported they had seen HOA officers missing from meetings, but attendance itself didn’t seem to be the biggest problem. Homeowners were more likely to see an argument at a meeting than to see an empty meeting room.”

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