What’s in a name? These neighborhood monikers boast the highest home values

Aly J. Yale
The Mortgage Reports contributor

Tropical themes pay off

Looking to invest in high-value real estate? Then buy in a neighborhood with “Island,” “Beach” or “Harbor” in the name. According to a new analysis, these monikers come with the highest average home values in the country.

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High home value neighborhood names

According to a new analysis from, just a neighborhood’s name can tell you a lot — particularly about income levels and home values in the area. And your best bets if you want a big ROI on your home buying investment? That’d be communities with seaside-themed names — terms like “Island,” “Beach” and “Harbor.”

Neighborhoods with “Island” in the name have the highest average home value in the nation, at just over $440K. Homes in “Beach” neighborhoods average around $423K, while those in “Harbor” communities sit at $416K.

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“Hills,” “Village,” “Canyon,” “Cove,” “Bay,” “San” and “Gardens” also ranked in the top 10. Some also ranked in the top 10 for top household incomes, too.

“Across the country, we found areas with ‘Hills,’ ‘Island,’ and ‘Village’ in the names reported the highest average household incomes, ranging from just over $77,000 to nearly $90,000 a year,” reported.

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Lowest home value names

Neighborhoods with the word “Fort” in them apparently contain the lowest value properties, sitting at just $109K. “Junction” and “Rock” are second- and third-lowest, with home values averaging around $115K in each.

“Springs,” “Las,” “White,” “Blue,” “Mills,” “Union” and “Mount” also ranked in the bottom 10 for home values.

According to’s analysis, the best neighborhoods for good deals — where homes are low-priced, yet median incomes are still above-average — have “Acres,” “Oak,” “Lakes” or “Green in the name.

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