Up and coming real estate personal assistant offers Siri-like experience

Aly J. Yale
The Mortgage Reports contributor

The answer to your real estate questions

Want to know how much utility bills on that house you’re eyeing will be? Not sure what to offer or what a home is worth? Thanks to a new real estate personal assistant, you’ll soon be able to ask your phone or smart speaker for just such information.

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The Siri of real estate

Next year, getting deep-dive property insights will be just a voice command away, all thanks to a new personal assistant platform called AskDOSS. The tool allows users to get everything from property valuations, schools data, utility bills, taxes, country records and more on every single property in the country  all via voice query on a smartphone or speaker.

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Bobby Bryant, CEO and founder of the Houston-based company, calls it the Siri of real estate.

“DOSS empowers people to ask any question about any property in the world in their natural language and voice to get accurate, easy and instant answers,” Bryant said. “In other words, imagine Siri, but exclusively for the real estate industry.”

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The future of real estate search

AskDOSS just wrapped up a successful beta run and is set to relaunch in 2019. Right now, the company is perfecting its algorithms and working to ensure every real estate-related inquiry can be answered in full.

“We are now developing based on how people were engaging DOSS, the questions they were asking, etc.,” said Bryant, a long-time real estate broker. “My engineers and developers work very closely with IBM Watson and their engineers and developers to cover every real estate function and query imaginable for every property in the country, regardless if it’s on the MLS or not.”

The tool can also connect users with verified real estate agents and help agents better manage their customer database. According to Bryant, AskDOSS should officially re-launch sometime next year.

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