On the job hunt? These are the best cities to move to

Aly J. Yale
The Mortgage Reports contributor

The West wins

Looking for a new job? You might want to pack up and move West. According to a new ranking, the country’s best cities for job seekers are largely on the Pacific Coast, with five California towns making the top 10.

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Employment epicenters

Job listing website Indeed.com recently ranked the nation’s best cities for job seekers, factoring in local labor market statistics, average salaries, cost of living, work-life balance scores, job opportunities and more.

San Jose, California, took the top spot, ranking highly in market favorability, work-life balance and job security/advancement. The city is home to Silicon Valley – the nation’s tech hub and base for places like Apple, Cisco and more.

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Four other California cities ranked highly, too, with San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and Sacramento making the top 10.

“Our sunniest cities in the top ten ranked highest on work-life balance. Los Angeles, Miami, San Jose, San Diego and San Francisco were the top five ranked cities for this measure,” Indeed reported. “But it’s not all about hanging out at the beach — the same cities topped the lists for job security and advancement as well, with Miami coming in first, San Diego second, Los Angeles third, San Jose fifth and San Francisco sixth.”

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Other cities also making the top 10 were Boston, Minneapolis, Miami, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

“Relatively chilly Minneapolis and Seattle rank high for job market favorability (No. 3 and No. 6, respectively) meaning the ratio of jobs available to the number of job seekers is favorable to the seeker in those cities,” Indeed reported. “Washington, D.C., and Miami may not appear to have much in common — one is the seat of the U.S. government, and the other is known for its beaches and Latin vibe — but they both did well on job security and work-life balance.”

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