Posted 11/26/2017


Good deed by homeless veteran leads to $350K

johnny bobbitt

Joe Jessie

The Mortgage Reports Contributor

Military veteran's good deed doesn't go unnoticed

Kate McClure had no idea how she was going to get gas. Parked off an exit, past midnight she sat in her car. It was then a dark shadowy figure started walking towards her, a man with a large beard in a raincoat.

"Lock your doors and stay in the car. We're gonna get you out of here," he said. The man was Johnny Bobbitt, Marine Corps veteran and currently homeless.

Johnny left, and came back with a gas can and enough gas to get Kate back on the road. When she found out he used his last $20 to help her, she felt the need to do something for him in return. She didn't expect what would happen next.

As of today, they've raised over $386,000 towards their cause. What's great is hearing that Johnny wants to take some of that money and give it out to help others in his same situation.

Talk about generous!

Joe Jessie

The Mortgage Reports Contributor

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