Military dog reunites with partner after three years away

October 20, 2017 - 1 min read

We all know the expression, “A dog is man’s best-friend.”

When you bring a dog into your life, it’s like adding another family member. When you have a dog with you while stationed in South Korea, you have more than just that. This couldn’t be more true than the relationship between Staff Sgt. Adam Wylie and his dog Emra.

Nearly a month after his daughter was born, Wylie was deployed. Spending 12-13 hours per shift, Emra became the only one he could talk to. Those moments when he wanted to go home to see his family, Emra was right there to bring him emotional support. Emra and Wylie worked together for two years helping one another with their daily duties.

That’s why Wylie was so emotional when he finally got to see her again.

An organization called American Humane funded Emra’s trip back to the United States. Since she was too old to work in the military anymore, she now lives with Adam and his family. You can tell by watching the video that not only did Wylie miss Emra, but she missed him too.

German shepherds and labradors are the most common breeds used in the military. Their abilities to detect weapons, bombs and gasses make them ideal military dogs. Right now there are around 2,500 dogs working in the military, with 700 of them deployed over seas.

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