Here’s where homebuyers are the happiest

Aly J. Yale
Aly J. Yale
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February 26, 2020 - 2 min read

Are homebuyers happy?

Buying a home and want to make sure there are no regrets? Then buy in the Midwest. According to a new survey, that’s where recent homebuyers are the happiest.

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Midwest homebuyers are the happiest

According to a new survey from, homebuyers in the Midwest are the happiest with their recent home purchases.

Iowa homebuyers came out on top, with an 86.67 out of 100 on the survey’s “Happiness Index.” Nearby Wisconsin and Nebraska were close behind.

The survey asked homebuyers a number of questions to determine their overall satisfaction with their home purchase, including the friendliness of their neighbors, how safe their community feels, the state of the local job market, and whether they’d buy the same house again if given the chance.

Other states rounding out the top 10 were Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii, North Carolina, Virginia, and New Hampshire.

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Wyoming comes in last

Homebuyers in Wyoming were the least happy with their recent home purchases. The state came in dead–last in the ranking, and not by a slim margin either.

According to the LawnStarter’s Logan Freedman, “Almost half of the homebuyers from Wyoming, on the other hand, regretted their purchase. They were particularly unhappy with the job market, and many gave their neighbors poor marks for their friendliness.”

Other states ranking low in homebuyer happiness were the District of Columbia, Alaska, Montana, New Mexico, California, and Oklahoma.

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The difference between happy and regret

According to the findings, buyers who purchased homes with more bedrooms and square footage were on the happier end. Those with newer homes were also happier than those who bought an older property.

Apparently, architectural style also made a difference. Tudor and ranch–style homebuyers were happier than those buying Greek revival or pueblo–style properties.

Buyers who say they made sacrifices in order to purchase their home (like stopping eating out or getting a second job) were most likely to be unhappy with their decision.

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