These are the cities and states Americans are moving to (No. 1 might surprise you!)

Aly J. Yale
Aly J. Yale
The Mortgage Reports Contributor
January 15, 2020 - 2 min read

Eyes on Idaho

Think Americans are migrating toward populated states like New York, California or Texas? Think again. According to a new study on moving trends, Idaho is actually the No. 1 state for movers, with Arizona close behind.

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Moving out

According to a new study from moving concierge Bellhops, Americans are migrating toward the West and South. Idaho takes the top spot, with a 72% net migration rate (the difference between people coming into the city vs. those leaving it).

Its capital – Boise – also claims a top spot at the city level with a 7.77% net migration rate.

Arizona came at No. 2 state–wise (67% net migration rate), while South Carolina, Tennessee and North Carolina rounded out the top five. Other cities with high net migration rates include Myrtle Beach, S.C. (17.41%); Fort Myers, Fla. (14.42%); Austin, Texas (10.09%); Orlando, Fla. (9.28%); Charleston, S.C. (7.97%); Denver (5.67%); and Seattle (5.58%).

Where are all these movers coming from? According to the study, Illinois is the top state for outbound migration. Other top outbound states include California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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The study also looked beyond the data and analyzed social media conversations around moving. What they found was a clear picture of why Americans move, how they choose their locations, and when they make their moves.

According to the analysis, many movers are looking for warmer weather, while other are moving to lower their housing costs or property taxes. Job–related moves are also common, and some are even moving for political reasons.

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Time–wise, 80% of migrants move in peak season – between April and July. From the time they decide to make their move, 90% are moving within the month. A surprising 22% move in just two weeks.

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