Is the small town life for you? Here’s where you should head

Aly J. Yale
The Mortgage Reports contributor

Small town living

Small towns often mean lower housing costs, a safer community, and a better quality of life. Want to buy a house in one of these idyllic spots? Then according to a new ranking, you’ll want to head to Kansas.

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The top small towns to put down roots in

According to WalletHub’s Best Small Cities to Live In America list, Leawood, Kansas is the nation’s best small town to move to. It boasts some of the most affordable housing in the country, and it’s ranked highly in economic health and education. The city claims the highest share of high school graduates in the nation.

Other top contenders include Brentwood, Tennessee; Sammamish, Washington; Melrose, Massachusetts; and Carmel, Indiana.

If you’re going on housing affordability along, Southlake, Texas takes the cake. For the safest community, head to Bergenfield, New Jersey, which claims the lowest crime rates out of all small towns in the country.

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The worst small towns to move to

Sumter, South Carolina is the worst choice you could make in among small towns. According to the ranking, the economy, educational opportunities, and crime rates are all poor in the city. Its housing affordability is low as well.

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If you’re hoping for career opportunities, steer clear of Atlantic City, New Jersey which claims the lowest income growth rate in the country. 

Safety-wise, West Memphis, Arkansas is your worst bet. The small town has the highest crime rate on the list, ranking just above East Point, Georgia; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Alexandria, Louisiana; and Bessemer, Alabama.

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