These are the best cities for Generation Z around the world

Aly J. Yale
The Mortgage Reports contributor

U.S. claims three of the most Gen Z-friendly cities

The U.S. is home to three of the world’s best cities for Generation Z — Los Angeles, Boston, and New York. According to a new analysis, the cities have the right amenities, industries, and level of connectivity to meet the needs of the up-and-coming generation.

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The best cities for Generation Z values

According to the Generation Z City Index released by apartment marketplace Nestpick, London is the top city for Gen Zers. Stockholm took second, while Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York rounded out the top five. 

The study weighed 22 different factors to determine the list, including e-governance, connectivity, AI industry, affordability, and more. It also took “Gen Z principles” like social equality, climate commitment, internationalism, and social entrepreneurship into account.

As CEO of Nestpick Omer Kucukdere explains, “Taking a values-centric approach to this study, we looked into which cities around the world best understand, advocate, and embody the principles Gen Z-ers prioritize.”

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London reigns supreme

London claimed the top spot on Nestpick’s list, ranking particularly high in government digitalization, education, environmental action, social entrepreneurship, and availability of co-working spaces. 

“Interestingly, despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the high costs of living, our research has found that London ranks first overall,” Kucukdere said. “Adding on to the advantages of a weakening pound, London has shown how it is at the forefront of digitalization, advocacy, entertainment, and business. Brexit or not, London has the foundations to continue magnetizing Generation Z in the long-term.”

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The analysis also called out the best cities best-prepared for Gen Z’s digital needs. Seoul topped the list, while London, Boston, Stockholm, and Los Angeles rounded out the remaining five.

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