New app aims to add transparency between real estate agents, consumers

September 13, 2019 - 2 min read

Increasing integrity

A new app is looking to add more transparency to the homebuying process, particularly in regards to real estate agents. Dubbed Quigler, the tool informs consumers of their agent’s state, federal and ethical obligations, as well as when that agent meets those requirements throughout the process.

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A win for real estate agents and consumers alike

A new app called Quigler was just launched to foster more integrity within real estate transactions. Available on iOS and via the web, the tool informs buyers and sellers exactly what requirements their agent needs to meet based on state and federal law. It also breaks down the Code of Ethics requirements set by the National Association of Realtors.

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According to David Michonski, founder and CEO of Quigler, the app also benefits agents, too, giving them a way to better communicate and foster trust within client relationships.

“Quigler is a tool for an agent to provide their homebuyer the trust they are looking for,” Michonski said. “Quigler will allow the Realtor to say, ‘I will give you 100-percent transaction transparency. You’re going to see everything I need to do and the order in which I do it. You’re going to be able to get an instantaneous communication from me the instant I do something and you’re going to know what I did that I’m supposed to do.’”

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Keeping real estate agents on track

On the agent end, users will see a checklist that reminds them of what to do at every stage of a transaction. Once a task is checked off, the app sends the buyer or seller an instant notification alerting them of the development.

“When an agent gives consumers transparency and time-stamped and dated communication what results is greater trust,” Michonski said. “Probably the best business generation and lead conversion tool any person can have is trust. Quigler helps an agent nurture that trust. In return, clients are more likely to recommend that agent and refer business.”

The tool is free for consumers, but agents pay $39 per month. The platform is set to launch an accompanying Android app soon.

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Aly J. Yale
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