Best cities for veterans to live in right now

November 4, 2017 - 2 min read

Texas is tops

Best cities to live for veterans: Austin takes the cake. According to a new list by WalletHub, it’s also the top spot for veterans. Thanks to its ample job opportunities, a good economy and a high quality of life.

Serving those who serve us

WalletHub recently ranked the nation’s 100 largest cities in terms of veteran-friendliness. The list takes into account veteran health facilities, employment, affordability, livability and more.

Austin claimed the No. 1. Spot, with a total score of 73.81 out of 100. It ranks high for jobs, economy, quality of life and health. It also has the lowest veteran unemployment rate in the cities for veterans

At No. 3 is Colorado Springs, thanks largely the high quality of life it offers local veterans. Rounding out the top five are Virginia Beach, Virginia; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Plano, Texas.

Fremont, California, came in with the highest percentage of military skill-related jobs available and the lowest percentage of veterans in poverty. Miami boasts the highest veteran income growth, while Virginia Beach has the smallest share of homeless veterans.

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The worst spots for vets

According to the list, Detroit is the worst place to live for America’s veterans. Ranking low in jobs, economic health and nearly dead-last in quality of life. Detroit also has the biggest share of homeless veterans in the country.

Other cities near the bottom of WalletHub’s list are Newark, New Jersey; Baltimore; Hialeah, Florida; and Memphis, Tennessee. Cleveland, Ohio, has the highest percentage of veterans currently in poverty.

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