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Today’s Best Mortgage Refinance Candidates: August 23, 2016

Refinance activity is rising. Who is refinancing, and who is missing the boat? Analysis of today's low mortgage rates plus access to today's live mortgage rates.

Homeowners, Home Buyers Enjoy Prolonged Rate Slide

Mortgage rates are holding in a very tight range. Mortgage consumers are enjoying prolonged opportunity to secure a low rate.

Make Lenders Fight Over You, Plus 6 More Refinance Rate Strategies

Just about anyone can get a low rate in today’s market. But that's no excuse to leave money on the refinance table.

Study: Mortgage Consumers Refuse To Shop For Rates

Fewer than 25% of mortgage consumers apply with more than one lender. Know these time-proven strategies to find the best loan and rate for you.

Mortgage Rates Strikingly Subdued Near 39-Month Low

Mortgage rates are holding in a very tight range. Mortgage consumers are enjoying prolonged opportunity to secure a low rate.

What Happens To Home Buying Power As Rates Rise?

Home buyers often watch the price of homes, but that's just half the equation. Mortgage rates could affect affordability even more.

The Mistake That Is “Waiting For Lower Rates”

Mortgage rates are near record lows. Most homeowners will do better by taking available rates today instead of waiting for a future drop.

Don’t Accept Your First Mortgage Rate Quote

Shopping for a mortgage rate is not time consuming, but half of home loan consumers don't do it. They could be missing out on significantly better rates and fees.

August 2016 Mortgage Rate Forecast (Purchase & Refinance)

Experts said mortgage rates would 4.5% by now. Instead, they're below 3.5%. For August 2016, there are several threats to today's low rates. Should you lock today?

Mortgage Rates Fall From Freddie Mac’s 3.48% Published Rate

Mortgage rates remain low, and are dropping further after Freddie Mac published its weekly average rate.

This Week, Will The Fed Finally Raise Its Interest Rates?

The Federal Reserve meets this week and, although the Fed doesn't set mortgage rates, its rhetoric and actions can influence them. Analysis and advice.

Freddie Mac: Mortgage Rates To Stay Ultra-Low Through 2017

Mortgage rates remain low, as reported by Freddie Mac this week. What's more, the group predicts lasting low rates through 2017.

9 Reasons You Should Think About Refinancing Your Mortgage Again

Mortgage rates are marching downward, and homeowners are scooping them up to accomplish long-sought-after goals.

5 Ways To Get A Lower Mortgage Rate

Today's mortgage rates are low, but you can get an even more affordable mortgage with a few adjustments to your mortgage borrower profile.

How Mortgage Lenders Make Your Mortgage Rate Quote

When you're shopping for a mortgage, banks will give you varying rate quotes. But, how much of that is the bank's fault? And, how much is because of you?

With Mortgage Rates At 3.41%, 5 Reasons To Refinance Right Now

Freddie Mac reports mortgage rates at 167-week bests. With rates this low, huge numbers of homeowners should consider doing a mortgage refinance now.

The 10-Year Treasury Note Is A Poor Substitute For Live U.S. Mortgage Rates

The 10-year treasury is fully-decoupled from the 30-year fixed rate mortgage. Interest rate spreads are near the widest point in 2 years.

With Mortgage Rates In The 3s, It Still Pays To Shop

Mortgage rates are in the 3s, but that doesn't mean you should skip rate shopping. Get an even lower rate with time-proven rate shopping methods.

Insider’s Guide To: Predicting And Forecasting Mortgage Rates

Want to lock a low mortgage rate? It helps to know how mortgage interest rates work. Be a better shopper. Learn how to predict today's mortgage rates.

2016 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)