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This Is Why One In Ten VA Home Buyers Makes A Downpayment

A VA loan downpayment is never required, but choosing one can reduce home-buying costs and improve your chances of loan approval.

Freddie Mac: Mortgage Rates Rise For 2nd Straight Week

Mortgage rates rose for the second straight week but remain near the lowest levels of the last 3 years. Is this your last chance to get cheap rate for a purchase, or to do that home loan refinance?

Are Mortgage Rates Today Moving Higher or Lower?

Current mortgage rates and mortgage market movement. Today's mortgage rates and mortgage news. Live rate quotes available. News and data provided by MBSQuoteline, a real-time mortgage market data service available to loan officers, real estate agents, and other finance professionals.

NAR: Home Sales Surging, Spring Housing Market Strong

For the 23nd straight month, the Pending Home Sales Index bested its benchmark reading of 100. It's no wonder home prices continue to rise nationwide.

Zero-Down USDA Home Loans vs FHA vs Conventional 97

How do USDA loan costs compare to other loan types? It turns out these loans are some of the most affordable mortgages in the market today.

The Affordability Of Your Favorite 80s And 90s TV Homes

Sitcoms of the 80s and 90s tried to portray realism, but that didn't stop producers from putting their characters in homes they couldn't afford.

Young Buyers Take A “Job-Centric” Approach To Home Buying

Young adults are shopping for homes where they are likely to find a job as well. Low mortgage rates make it easier to afford homes in employment-rich areas.

With Lenders Approving More Loans, All-Cash Home Sales Drop

Cash home sales are falling on low rates and loosening mortgage guidelines. High-asset buyers are once again considering a mortgage.

How To Plan For These Costs You Didn’t Have As A Renter

You can estimate the additional costs of owning a home and budget accordingly to ensure an enjoyable homeownership experience.

Zooey Deschanel’s $36k-Per-Month “Affordable” Mortgage

Zooey Deschanel could easily afford the mortgage on her $4.5 million property, if she opted to finance it at all.

Federal Reserve Gives Support To Low Mortgage Rates, Wants More Inflation

The Federal Reserve eased its forward guidance and held the Fed Funds Rate near 0.25% after its April 2016 meeting. Mortgage rates are dropping.

Could TV Characters Actually Afford Their Fictional Homes?

Hollywood often overestimates how much home its characters can afford. Find out which characters would qualify for a mortgage on their fictional home.

First-Time Home Buyers Guide: Finding The Perfect House

Shopping for a home that fits your needs and budget can be an exciting and stressful experience -- especially for first time home buyers. Planning ahead will help settle your nerves.

Case-Shiller Index: Typical U.S. Home Price Rises 36.3% Since 2012

Case-Shiller Index reports home values up more than 36% since 2012. How valid is the data, though? Portland and Seattle lead the pack. Chicago and Washington, D.C. lag.

How Mortgage Rates Connect To The Fed Funds Rate

The Fed adjourns from a 2-day meeting Wednesday. The group doesn't set mortgage rates but it can influence them. How this week's meeting could affect your refinance and purchase mortgage rate.

Use This Strategy To Buy A House Before Selling Your Current One

You don't always have to sell your house before buying another. Today's housing and mortgage markets offer options for a relaxed housing transition.

Census Bureau: A Small Slip In New Construction Homes Sales

Amid low mortgage rates are rising rents home buyers are snapping up today's new construction, but at a slightly slower pace as compared to the month prior.

Mortgage Rates This Week: Fed Meeting & More

The Federal Reserve meets this week and, although the Fed doesn't set mortgage rates, its rhetoric and actions can influence them. Analysis and advice.

Recovery Complete: U.S. Home Values Up 5.6% From Last Year

Home values have surpassed last decade's bests, set in April 2007. Current mortgage rates play a role, as does access to low- and no-money-down mortgages.

2016 To Be A Breakout Year For FHA Buyers

Home buyers love the FHA loan's mortgage rates and small downpayment requirement. In 2016, FHA is loosening guidelines even more to prompt homeownership.