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With Mortgage Rates Low, Purchase Loans More Likely To Get Approved Than Refinances

Purchase loans outnumber refinances, and are more likely to get approved. Analysis on the shift and what it takes to get approved, plus today's live mortgage rates.

Fannie Mae Survey: Consumers Struggle To Guess Future Mortgage Rates, Home Values

Is it a good time to buy? Or to sell? Consumers have no idea, it turns out. Read more on the Fannie Mae National Housing Survey, and get today's live rates.

Purchase Mortgage Loans More Likely To Get Approved Than Refinance Ones

Purchase loans outnumber refinances, and are more likely to get approved. Analysis on the shift and what it takes to get approved, plus today's live mortgage rates.

How High Will Home Values Go? And What About Mortgage Rates? Don’t Ask Consumers — They’ll Guess Wrong.

More homeowners believe it's a "good time to sell". Read why today's buyers are finding great bargains, and what they think's next for mortgage interest rates.

Purchase Loan Applications Gain Market Share; 19% More Likely To Close Than Refinance Loans

Purchase mortgages now outnumber refinances. Analysis on the shift, what it takes to get approved, and today's live mortgage rates.

Mortgage Rates Drop But Closing Costs Climb; Buyers To Face Higher Costs In 2015

Loan closing costs rose 6% in 2013 and are rising in 2014, too. Falling mortgage rates are offset by higher fees. State-by-state analysis.

Shifting Mortgage Markets: Purchase Loan Applications 30% More Likely To Close Than Refinance Ones

Purchase mortgages now outnumber refinances. Read analysis on the shift, how underwriters affect outcomes, plus today's live mortgage rates.

U.S. Renters And Homeowners Offer Their Mortgage Rate Predictions For 2014

Fannie Mae survey shows how renters and homeowners are approaching the 2014 mortgage market. See predictions, and get live mortgage rates.

HARP 3 Would Boost Refinance Activity, Reclaim Market Share From Purchases

Purchases outnumbered refinances for the 4th straight month. With home prices rising and HARP 3 on the horizon, the trend may soon reverse.

Is This Your Last Chance To Refinance? Just 4% Of Americans Expect Lower Mortgage Rates In 2014.

Recent Fannie Mae survey of 1,000 U.S. households explains buyers and seller behavior patterns. What to do and what's next for 2014.

Demand For Mortgages Rise Sharply Among Today’s U.S. Home Buyers

Refinance mortgage activity has grown this year, but demand for purchase money loans has grown even faster. See stats from June 2013.

Appraisals : Rarely Required For Streamline Refinance Programs

Appraisals are rarely needed for HARP and FHA Streamline Refinance transactions.

Fannie And Freddie Pay Back 25% Of Bailout; FHA Recapitalizes

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHA are returning to profitability. Rising home prices and falling delinquencies are primary reasons.

Mortgage Rates Rising As U.S. Economy Expands

Jobs and housing are trailing market indicators. Both have made slow, steady growth since late-2011, and, finally, mortgage rates may be catching up.

Raw Housing Stats : Homeowner And Renter Vacancy Rates

Homeownership rates are climbing within three age-group brackets. Meanwhile, rental vacancies are down nationwide.

How Long Does It Take To Close A Mortgage?

You can still close a mortgage in 30 days these days. It may not be worth the risk of trying, however.

FHA Condominium Requirements Expected To Loosen Soon

The FHA is planning to relax its condominium approval requirements, opening FHA mortgages to millions of U.S. home buyers.

FHA Streamline Refinance Lenders Too Busy For New Customers

Flush with volume, some of the nation's largest FHA lenders are refusing to refinance loans currently held by rival banks.

California Officials Float Plan To Seize, Restructure Local Mortgages

In San Bernardino, California, government officials want to seize and restructure up to 30,000 mortgages in the community.

HARP 2 : Fannie Mae Dominating Freddie Mac In HARP Loan Volume

HARP 2 refinances are picking up, with Nevada, Michigan and Arizona leading the charge. California is not far behind.

HARP Refinance : 20% Of All Refinances And Climbing

In May, 1 in 5 mortgage refinances were via the HARP program. With low rates and loose guidelines, that number is expected to grow.

For First-Time Buyers, Rising Rents Highlight Housing Credit Crunch

Rising rents have made it cheaper to own and finance a home in nearly every U.S. city than it is to rent one.

LIBOR-Fixing Gives Certain U.S. Homeowners Lower Mortgage Rates

Reports are emerging that LIBOR was "fixed" late last decade. U.S. homeowners were among those who benefitted.

New International Banking Standard Threatens Low U.S. Mortgage Rates

The Basel III Accord threatens low mortgage rates. By reducing mortgage servicing values, consumers can expect higher rates and loan costs as soon as next month on all loans types -- conventional, VA, FHA, USDA and jumbo.

The Housing Recovery Is Slow, Uneven, And Upon Us

A bevy of housing data all points to the same conclusion -- housing bottomed in Fall 2011. The housing recovery is underway.

Mortgage Rates Poised To Jump After Friday’s Non-Farm Payrolls Report

Payroll company ADP suggests that June's Non-Farm Payrolls report will exceed Wall Street expectations by a large margin. Mortgage rates would rise sharply on the news.

FHA Streamline Refinance : Suddenly Headed For Extinction?

Banks are pulling the FHA Streamline Refinance product from their lending menus en masse. If you have an FHA mortgage, get started with your refinance ASAP. Wait too long, as you may not have a bank at which to refinance.

Mortgage News : Mortgage Rates Move Lower on EU News

Mortgage rates remain volatile. Light holiday trading volume is exacerbating the effect. Heads-up on the EU and June's jobs report.

Hispanic First-Time Home Buyers To Dominate Market Within 8 Years

By 2020, Hispanic-American buyers will account for 50% of all first-time home buyers

Mortgage News : European Summit Poses Risk To Low U.S. Mortgage Rates

U.S. mortgage rates will be sensitive to rhetoric coming out of Brussels, and mortgage rate shoppers may get surprised with higher rates.

2014 Conforming & FHA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county,
as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, and the FHA.