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Posted September 4, 2015
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New Report Shows States Where Mortgage Rates Are Highest, Lowest

Freddie Mac shows mortgage rates at 3.89% nationwide, on average

30-Year Mortgage Rates Still Below 4%

Good news for home buyers and refinancing households -- today's mortgage rates remain firmly south of 4%.

According to Freddie Mac, conforming 30-year mortgage interest rates rose 5 basis points (0.05%) this week to 3.89%, on average, nationwide. The average 15-year mortgage rate also climbed, moving 3 basis points (0.03%), to 3.09 percent.

Both rates remain near their lows of the year.

Since the start of the year, mortgage rates have been lower on a spate of  economic uncertainty overseas, plus expectations that the Federal Reserve may not start raising the Fed Funds Rate as early as previously forecast.

For home buyers who have been in the hunt for since the start of last year, falling mortgage rates have increased home purchasing power close to 10%.

If your maximum purchase price used to be $400,000, today it's $424,000.

Furthermore, Black Knight Financial Services estimates that there are 6.5 million U.S. homeowners potentially eligible for a refinance. Maybe you are one of them.

It's a terrific time to compare today's mortgage rates.

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30-Year Mortgage Rate Now Averages 3.89%

Each week, government-backed Freddie Mac conducts a mortgage rate survey of more than 100 lenders nationwide. The survey asks banks to reply with their "going" mortgage rate for a prime mortgage borrower.

A prime borrower, as defined by Freddie Mac, is one with ample home equity or downpayment, high credit scores, and documented income which meets or exceeds mortgage underwriting standards.

The Freddie Mac survey applies to home purchases of primary residences only, which means that HARP loans from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not included in the results.

Rates for VA loans or FHA loans, which are backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Federal Housing Administration, respectively, are also not included. VA mortgage rates and FHA mortgage rates are typically lower than conventional ones by 25 basis points (0.25%), at least.

This week's Freddie Mac survey shows the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate at 3.89%.

In order to get Freddie Mac's published 3.89% rate for a 30-year loan, or 3.09% for a 15-year loan, banks are requiring borrowers to pay 0.6 discount points, on average.

Each full discount point adds $1,000 in closing costs for every $100,000 borrowed such that home buyer borrowing at the baseline 2015 mortgage loan limit of $417,000 and using a 30-year fixed should expect to pay $2,502 in discount points at closing.

This is in addition to whatever closing costs would normally accompany the loan.

A home buyer purchasing in a high-cost area such as Orange County, California; or San Francisco, where loan sizes range as high as $625,000, should expect to pay $3,753.

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Mortgage Rates Lowest In California, Washington

Mortgage rates are low, but they vary by state. Your home's location affects the quote you'll get from a bank.

Today's best states for low interest rates are on the West Coast.

Mortgage rates are lowest in Freddie Mac's West Region, an area comprised of California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam.

Rates in the West Region average 3.86% with 0.7 discount points paid at closing.

By contrast, the mortgage rates are highest for applicants in the Southeast Region, an area which includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Rates in the Southwest Region average 3.93% with 0.6 discount points required.

The difference in regional rates means that a home buyer in Seattle will save $22 per month on a $300,000 mortgage as compared to a buyer in Nashville, Tennessee; but will pay $300 more in closing costs, on average.

By region, Freddie Mac reports the following rate-and-fee combinations :

  • Northeast Region : 3.88% with 0.7 discount points
  • West Region : 3.86% with 0.7 discount points
  • Southeast Region : 3.93% with 0.6 discount points
  • North Central Region : 3.88% with 0.6 discount points
  • Southwest Region : 3.93% with 0.5 discount points

The good news for all mortgage borrowers is that discount points are tax-deductible in many situations, which reduces their effect on your bottom line.

Points are optional, too, so if you prefer a loan with "no points", just be sure ask your lender. Most banks make no-point rates available to borrowers, and some will offer mortgages with no closing costs whatsoever.

Mortgage rates are low. Be sure to get a quote.

What Are Mortgage Rates Today?

The 30-year fixed rate conventional mortgage rate now averages 3.89%. If you missed your chance to refinance earlier this year; or, if you currently pay mortgage insurance on an FHA or conventional loan, it's a good day to talk to a lender.

Take a look at today's real mortgage rates now. Your social security number is not required to get started, and all quotes come with instant access to your live credit scores.

Click to see today's rates (Feb 11th, 2016).

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