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Free Access To Your Mortgage Credit Scores, Plus 5 Ways To Improve To Your FICO

A review of how credit scores work, plus access to your actual mortgage credit scores.

What Questions Will Your Mortgage Lender Ask You?

Mortgage lenders are giving their lowest rates to buyers showing the following documentation. Read more and get today's live mortgage rates.

“Should I Refinance?” – What To Do About Today’s Low Mortgage Rates

"Should I refinance my mortgage?" An analytical look at reasons to refinance, plus how to lock today's mortgage rates with no closing costs.

Practical Tips For Home Buyers, Including Notes On Home Inspections, Mortgages, And Real Estate Agents

Make a smarter home purchase this year. Tips and tricks for today's active home buyers. Read more and get today's live mortgage rates.

Beating The Big Banks: How Some U.S. Homeowners Now Get 2.82% Mortgage Rates With No Closing Costs Whatsoever

For the last 11 years, homeowners with ARMs have trounced the market and "beat the Big Banks". Read more about ARM and get today's live mortgage rates.

It’s Much Easier To Get A Mortgage; Lenders Removing Investor Overlays

Mortgage lenders are rapidly removing hurdles in a mortgage approval. Analysis and effects, plus a live look at today's low mortgage rates.

Refinance Your Loan To Current Mortgage Rates Without “Starting Over” At 30 Years

Want to refinance but don't want to your loan to reset 30 years? Here's how to do it. Full analysis and strategy, plus today's live rate quotes.

Top 4 Mistakes Which Increase Mortgage Closing Costs Unnecessarily

Four common mistakes borrowers make which increase their mortgage closing costs, and how to avoid making them yourself. Analysis and live rate quotes, too.

Refinance Your Loan Before Current Mortgage Rates Rise

Today's mortgage rates are at a 15-month best. Read about your refinance options and get locked in. Mortgage rates are low, but won't stay this way forever.

Proven Tricks For Reducing Your Mortgage Closing Costs

Mortgage closing costs are rising, but don't let that affect your decision to refinance. There are many ways to reduce your loan fees, and get a great deal.

Paid Cash For A Home At Auction? Refinance Your “Cash Out” The Next Day Via Delayed Financing Mortgage Loan.

The "Delayed Financing" loan program allows cash buyers to do a cash-out refinance just one day after closing. Program rules, plus today's mortgage rates.

Which Refinance Is Best: FHA, VA, Conventional, or USDA?

Mortgage rates are near 15-months lows, so which mortgage refinance program is best? Analysis and today's live mortgage rate quotes. Safe and secure.

15-Year Mortgage Rates Sink; Homeowners Save 64%

Homeowners are choosing the 15-year mortgage over the 30-year loan with increasing frequency. Read more about the 15-year loan, and get live rate quotes.

Home Buyers: Get Approved For A “Quick Closing” On Your Mortgage

As today's mortgage rates drop, lenders are requiring 38 days to close purchase loans, on average. Tips for a speedier closing, plus today's live rates.

Today’s Refinance Options: FHA, VA, HARP and Conventional Loans

Mortgage rates are a 14-month best and U.S. home values are rising. A review of today's refinance programs, plus live mortgage rate quotes.

ARM Mortgage Rates Reach The 2s; Reasons To Consider Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

Mortgage rates drop to a 14-month low and rates for ARM are below 3 percent. Analysis of the adjustable-rate mortgage, and instant mortgage rate quotes.

Buying A Home With A Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Partner, Or Friend

Important advice for buying a home with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner. Read more and get today's live mortgage rates.

As Mortgage Closing Costs Rise 6% Annually, Fool-Proof Ways To Reduce What You’ll Pay

Mortgage loan closing costs are higher by as much as 20 percent in some states, a survey shows. How to reduce what you'll pay at closing, plus today's live rates.

With Today’s Mortgage Rates Low, Homeowners Ditch Their 30-Year Mortgages

U.S. homeowners are abandoning 30-year home loans. They're choosing 15-year loans instead. Find out why, and compare today's low rates.

“Offer Letter” Mortgages: Get A Loan Before You Start Your First Day Of Work

Moving for a job? Recent graduate? Get a mortgage approval before you even start work. Read more and get real-time mortgage rate quotes.

8 Things Your Mortgage Lender Should Disclose To You

Ask these 8 questions of your lender and you'll improve your chances of getting that great mortgage loan. Free mortgage rates available.

14 Smart Ways To Preserve Your Mortgage Loan Approval

Specific behaviors to avoid while your mortgage loan's in process. The loan you save may be your own. Updated for mortgages in 2014.

As Mortgage Rates Drop, Mortgage Standards Expand To Include Lower Credit Scores

Effective immediately, mortgage lenders have lowered minimum FICO requirements on home loans. Read more about the shift, and get today's live mortgage rates.

Fewer Mortgage Approval Hurdles, Say U.S. Banks; What It Means, Plus Today’s Mortgage Rates

U.S. banks are making it easier to get mortgage-approved. Here's what it means to today's home buyers, and to today's existing homeowners wanting to get lower rates.

New Mortgage Data From Freddie Mac Shows Homeowners Abandoning 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

Your neighbors are leaving their 30-year fixed-rate mortgages for 15-year ones. Find out why, and get today's low mortgage rates here.

The Must-Ask Questions Every Home Buyer Must Answer Before Even Thinking About Buying A Home

Long before you actually buy a home, you start to THINK about actually buying a home. The questions to ask, plus today's live mortgage rates.

With Mortgage Rates Near 2-Month Low, The Cost Of Homeownership Drops Nationwide

With mortgage rates dropping, the cost to own a home is down. No equity? No problem. Complete analysis plus today's live mortgage rates.

Make Your Purchase Offer Stand Apart With A “Quick Closing” Offer Of 30 Days Or Fewer

Mortgage lenders needed 42 days, on average, to get buyers to the closing table last months. Need to close more quickly that than? Use these tips to speed your purchase mortgage approval.

With A Chance To Save 28% Per Year, Fewer Homeowners Wanting To Take Today’s Lower Rates

Answering "Should I refinance my mortgage" with data and statistics. Plus, tips for finding low mortgage rates with no closing costs.

Tips For 2014 : How To Pick The Best Possible Mortgage At Today’s Lowest Available Mortgage Rate

For today's home buyers, simple planning goes a very long way. Get your best possible mortgage and make sure you're borrowing the proper amount for your home.

2014 Conforming & FHA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county,
as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, and the FHA.