Posts Covering Mortgage Strategy

Fannie Mae HomeStyle® vs FHA 203K : Choose Your Renovation Loan

Two renovation mortgage products let you buy and repair a property with one loan. How to select one based on the property and your situation.

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment Programs: Will You Pay Your Mortgage Faster?

About the bi-weekly mortgage payment program, and whether it's an effective way to own your home faster. Analysis, plus today's live mortgage rates.

5 Mortgage Calculator Features You Are Not Using, But Should

A mortgage calculator should let you determine much more than a monthly payment. Look at all affordability factors with these little-known features.

First-Time Home Buyers Guide: What Is A USDA Mortgage?

First-time home buyers have access to wide number of low- and no-downpayment mortgage loans. The 100% USDA loan is among the most aggressive programs available.

How Can I Build Home Equity More Quickly?

Few assets build wealth as well as real estate does. Learn about home equity, how it works, and how you can accelerate its growth on your own home(s).

Do These 5 Things Before Buying Your Next Home

For today's consumers, it's easy to move from "casually looking" to "actively buying". Before you do, though, you'll want to handle these 5 things first.

Help! My Home Appraisal Was Lower Than I Needed!

Home appraisers are human and humans make mistakes. Here's how to appeal a home appraisal that came in lower than what you expected -- or needed.

No Closing Cost Refinance : Reduce Your Rate Without The Fees

Homeowners often avoid a refinance because they can't recoup closing costs fast enough. A no-closing-cost loan allows them to start saving now.

First-Time Home Buyer’s Guide: Making A Downpayment

This post discusses down payments; and, is part of a four-part series meant to help first-time home buyers buy their first home, and get approved for their first mortgage.

6 Ways To Buy A Home Without Paying Off Your Student Loans

Student loans do not automatically disqualify you from home buying. Learn strategies to overcome high student debt and get a mortgage pre-approval.

Why Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg Has A Mortgage

The ultra-rich get mortgages for one reason: to get a bigger return on investment elsewhere. The typical homeowner can benefit from this strategy.

New Construction: Should I Do A Long-Term Mortgage Rate Lock?

If you're buying a home that won't deliver for several months (or years!), you may be considering a long-term mortgage rate lock to protect your monthly payment.

Mortgage Broker Or Bank: Your Choice Matters

A mortgage broker is often the right choice. But a bank could be, too. Knowing how each type of company works can help you make the right decision.

New Ways To Reduce Your Mortgage Payment — Without Doing A Refinance

A home loan refinance can save you money -- especially with today's low rates. But, even WITHOUT a refinance, there are ways to save money on your mortgage.

How To Refinance Your Seller-Financed Mortgage

A loan provided by the home seller is a good solution to get into a home sooner. But what then? Refinance that less-than-ideal owner-provided loan.

First-Time Home Buyers Guide: The Basics Of A Mortgage

As a first-time home buyer, understanding how your mortgage works is the first step to making better mortgage choices -- and getting the best rate possible.

Your Debt-To-Income Ratio Can Tell You How Much Home To Buy

A debt-to-income ratio is not just a number for lenders to use. Buyers can calculate it themselves and use it to estimate their comfortable home payment.

Zero-Closing Cost Mortgage: Refinance Your Mortgage For Cheap

Closing costs should not keep you from pursuing a refinance. The benefits of a refi often outweigh the fees -- especially when you go "zero-closing cost".

Is Your HELOC Payment About To Skyrocket?

Second mortgage payment can increase when the loan "resets," or enters its full repayment period. Create an exit strategy before your payments rise.

Self-Employment Is Not A Mortgage Deal-Breaker

Self-employment alone won't stop your mortgage approval. You just need to know how lenders look at your income as a self-employed applicant.

2016 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)