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Reasons To Let Your Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) Adjust

There's no rush to refinance that ARM. Since 2003, homeowners with ARMs have beat the market and come our ahead. Details on ARMs, plus today's rates at which are near the lowest of all-time.

Downpayment Gifts: How To Give And Receive A Cash Downpayment Gift For A Home

Step-by-step instructions for accepting a cash downpayment gift on a home, including a ready-to-use gift letter template. Also, get live rate quotes at today's favorable pricing.

Refinance Trends: What Are Today’s Most Popular Refi Loans?

Homeowners are abandoning 30-year home loans. They're choosing 15-year loans instead. Find out why the 15-year is popular and compare today's rates which are near their of lowest of all-time.

How Foreign National Buyers Of U.S. Real Estate Manage Currency Risks

Foreign national buyers accounted for 7% U.S. housing market in the year ending March 2014. How foreign nationals manage their currency risks for maximum safety.

So Many Mortgage Choices: Which Is Best For You?

Have a plan to choose the best possible mortgage for your home, and to get the lowest mortgage rates possible. Clear advice for buying a home and getting a low mortgage rate.

6.5 Million Households Skipping A Great Chance To Refinance

As current mortgage rates drop, 6.5 million U.S. homeowners are potentially eligible to refine to lower rates. More refinance talk, plus today's live rates which are falling quickly.

New “Credit Card” Rule Makes Mortgage Qualification Easier

A change in the way credit card debt is calculated makes it easier for to get mortgage-qualified. Read more about the change and see today's live mortgage rates.

Picking Your “Best” Mortgage: FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA, & Jumbo

Today's mortgage borrower has more choices than during any time in the last 10 years. FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional, Jumbo, & HELOC-- analysis and live rates.

FHA Loan vs. Conventional 97 : Which Is The Better Low-Downpayment Loan?

Comparing the FHA 3.5% downpayment program to the Conventional 97 program which requires 3% down. Analysis, plus complimentary mortgage rate quotes at near the lowest levels of all-time.

The Documentation Required For Today’s Lowest Mortgage Rates

Mortgage lenders are giving their lowest rates to buyers showing certain documentation. See what you'll need, and get access to complimentary mortgage rate quotes.

3 Things To Know Before You Start A Mortgage Refinance

With current mortgage rates low, refinance activity is strong. Before you start your refi, make sure you cover your bases. Analysis, plus access to live rate quotes.

Free Access To Your Mortgage Credit Scores, Plus 5 Ways To Improve To Your FICO

A review of how credit scores work, plus access to your actual mortgage credit scores. Safe and secure. No-obligation mortgage rate quotes available.

The 2015 Refi Boom Is Causing Mortgage Rates To Rise

This year's Refi Boom has bogged down banks and made mortgage rates climb 1/8%. How to reduce your rate, plus access to today's low refinance rates.

A 15-Year Mortgage Will Save 64% On Your Home Loan

An increasing number of homeowners are opting to take a 15-year mortgage over a 30-year one. Learn why and get access to today's Iive rates which remain stubbornly low.

Refinance Your Home As A Zero-Closing Cost Mortgage

Don't let rising mortgage closing costs affect your decision to refinance. Ways to reduce your loan fees on your next refi. Tips plus live rate quotes.

U.S. Lenders “Loosen” Mortgage Guidelines, Approve More Applications

Mortgage lenders are making it easier to get mortgage-approved. A look at changing investor overlays, plus access to today's low mortgage rates which are near the lowest in U.S. history.

Current Mortgage Rates Lift Maximum Home Purchase Price By 11% From 2014

Every 0.125% drop in current mortgage rates boosts purchasing buyer power 1.5 percent. Analysis and examples, plus access live quotes at today's rates at near their lowest levels of all-time.

With Mortgage Rates Below 4%, States With The Most Refinance Loans

Current Mortgage Rates Spike Refinance Loans Since the start of 2014, conventional mortgage rates have been on steady decline, lowering from the mid-4s to the mid-3s. And, finally, existing homeowners are starting to take advantage. Home refinance activity is up 48% from one year ago for conventional loans, according to data from the Federal Home Finance […]

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs) “Win The Market” For 13th Consecutive Year

Since 2003, homeowners with ARMs have beat homeowners using fixed-rate loans and have beat "The Big Banks", too. Read more about ARMs and get today's live mortgage rates which are near their lowest of all-time.

What To Do About All Of Today’s Mortgage Programs

With so many mortgage choices, how can you be sure you've picked your "best" option? Conventional, VA loan, FHA -- this flowchart guide will help you.

Mortgage Rates Hit With A “Reverse-Bang”

Current mortgage rates remain below 4 percent, with the Federal Reserve prepping to raise the Fed Funds Rate soon. Get today's live quotes with rates at the lowest of the year.

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment Programs: Will You Pay Your Mortgage Faster?

About the bi-weekly mortgage payment program, and whether it's an effective way to own your home faster. Analysis, plus today's live mortgage rates.

4 Errors Which Will Raise Your Mortgage Closing Costs

Four common mistakes borrowers make which increase their mortgage closing costs, and how to avoid making them yourself. Today's rates are now quoted near the lowest this year.

The Tricks Some U.S. Home Buyers Are Using To Get A Mortgage “Quick Closing” And Lower Rates

To win their bidding wars, U.S. buyers are offering quick closings to home sellers. Here's how to do it, and what you need to know. Rate quotes available.

Some U.S. Homeowners Getting 2.90% Mortgage Rates While Paying No Closing Costs Whatsoever

For the last 12 years, homeowners with ARMs have trounced the market, beating "The Big Banks". Read more about ARMs and get today's live mortgage rates.

Mortgage Approval Rates Increase As Lenders “Loosen” Mortgage Guidelines

Mortgage lenders are making it easy to get mortgage-approved. A look at changing investor overlays, plus access to today's low mortgage rates.

Refinance Your Loan Without Paying Huge Mortgage Closing Costs

Don't let rising mortgage closing costs affect your decision to refinance. There are several ways to reduce your loan fees, and get to make your refinance worthwhile.

Which Is Better? 15-Year Mortgage Rates Or 30-Year Mortgage Rates?

Many homeowners now prefer the 15-year mortgage over the 30-year loan. Read more about 15-year mortgages, and get a complimentary mortgage rate quote.

2015 Mortgage Rates Give 10% Boost To Home Buyer Purchasing Power

Every 0.125% drop to current mortgage rates boosts U.S. purchasing power 1.5 percent. Full analysis and examples, plus a complimentary quote at today's rates.

2015 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)