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Foreclosure Activity Drops; 2014 Foreclosures To Sell At Steep Discounts

Foreclosures sell for an average discount of 17%, but foreclosed homes are getting harder to find. Here's where to look, and how to get the best mortgage deals.

Foreclosure Filings Fall To 2005 Levels; Nevada, Florida Lead Nation

Foreclosure activity dropped to an 8-year low in August. Where can first-time buyers and investors find "great deals" in foreclosures?

U.S. Housing Market Recovery : Huge Drop In Foreclosures Within Key U.S. Cities

Foreclosure activity is down sharply in key U.S. cities including San Francisco, Detroit and Phoenix. The housing market's recovery continues. How today's home buyers can benefit.

U.S. Foreclosures Selling Quickly With 20% Discounts Nationwide

Foreclosed homes are selling at an average 20% discount. Here are the 10 states in which you'll find the most foreclosures.

Fewer Foreclosures Expected As 60-Day Mortgage Lates Drop

As the economy improves, fewer homeowners go delinquent. This will soon reduce the number of foreclosures for sale nationwide.

Florida Claims Top Foreclosure State From California; Homes 20% Off

Florida has overtaken California as the #1 foreclosure state in the nation, plus other foreclosure-related statistics from January 2013.

As Home Foreclosures Wane, 4 States House 50 Percent Of Them

Foreclosures are selling at a 17% discount, and very few remain nationwide. Here's in what states to find the most foreclosed homes.

State-By-State : Where To Find Foreclosures In 2013

Foreclosures and foreclosed homes now sell at an average 20% discount. Here are the states in which to find them.

Foreclosure Discounts : States To Find The Best Foreclosure Bargains

Homes sold in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure sell at steep discount. Here are the states in which foreclosure discounts are biggest.

Into 2013, Foreclosures Still Sell At Discounts Of 20 Percent

Foreclosure activity slips nationwide, creating a scarce market. And, with homes selling for 20% off, demand for forecloses remains high.

Foreclosures To Go Scarce In 2013 After Selling At Deep Discounts

Foreclosure volume sinks to a 5-year low, returning to pre-recession levels. For today's home buyer, it means fewer foreclosure opportunities in 2013.

Foreclosure Pipelines Refilling Nationwide, Led By East Coast States

Banks are refilling the national foreclosure pipeline. If you plan to buy a foreclosed home, here's what you should know.

No Surprise : Foreclosures Rising Post-$25 Billion Servicer Settlement

Foreclosures sold at an average 18% discount as compared to non-distressed homes last month.

Some Foreclosed Homeowners To Receive $125,000 From Mortgage Lenders

Were you wrongly foreclosed upon? As part of a settlement between banks and the government, you may have a settlement coming your way.

Foreclosures : California, Florida And Georgia Lead The Nation

Foreclosure activity is falling nationwide, and bank-owned REO is down. From California to Virginia, it's getting harder to find bank-owned homes.

Foreclosures : There’s A New #1 State For Foreclosure Activity

After more than 5 years, Nevada is no longer the top state for foreclosures. Guess who's the new number one. (HINT: It's NOT California).

These 4 States House 50% Of The Nation’s Foreclosure Filings

Buying a foreclosure? Get a move on. Foreclosure activity fell to a 49-month low last month, and figures to be even lower through 2012. See where foreclosures are occurring, and where they're not.

Foreclosures : The Last “Great Deal” In Housing Is Endangered

The number of foreclosed homes for sale is dwindling, yet buyer demand for them surges. Remember that highly-publicized, 25% discount for buying a bank-owned home? It's about to go away. If you're looking at foreclosures, here's where to find them.

Buy A Foreclosed Home, Get A Great, Low Mortgage Rate

With each passing month, there are fewer and fewer foreclosures nationwide. Foreclosures are down on a year-to-year basis for the 12th straight month.

Default Notices Surge In August; Foreclosures Poised To Rise?

Default notices made their biggest one-month jump since August 2007 last month, on the way to a 9-month high. This may foreshadow a large number of bank repossessions in the months ahead.

Foreclosures As A Percentage Of All Home Sales, By State

In some states, more than half of home sales are for homes in foreclosure. Where does your state rank?

Where To Find The Biggest Foreclosure/Short Sale Discounts

Foreclosure filings nationwide fell 35 percent in July 2011, a statistic that hints at the ongoing housing recovery. So, with less REO, where will you find the best "deals"?

June Foreclosure Stats : Distressed Homes Sell At 20% Discount

According to foreclosure-tracking firm RealtyTrac, the number of foreclosure filings dropped 29 percent nationwide on an annual basis in June.

REO Volume Plummets; Homes Now Sell At 20% Discount

National Association of REALTORS® says foreclosures sell at a steep, 20 percent discount relative to non-distressed homes. There's bargains to be had -- you just need to know where to find them.

Are The “Good Deals” In Foreclosures A Thing Of The Past?

If you're shopping for bank-owned homes, supplies may be limited. Foreclosure filings are down 35% since last year. That's a big number. See how your state stacks up.

To Find The Best Foreclosures, You Have To Know Where To Look

There's good foreclosure buys out there, but it's getting harder to find them as bank REO slips. The trick is to search the databases that the other buyers aren't.

Foreclosure Distribution In The United States (2005-2010)

If you're in the market for "a good deal" -- as an investor, first-timer, or move-up buyer -- here's a guide for where to find foreclosures. Hey -- they're 15% off.

Foreclosures Selling At 15% Discount But Inventory Is Thinning Out

For the first time since February 2009, the monthly foreclosure filings retreated below 300,000. The pace of foreclosures is slowing nationwide. Or is it?

September 2010 : Foreclosures Sold At 26 Percent Discount

The average sale price on a home in some stage of foreclosure was 26 percent lower last month than homes *not* in some stage of foreclosure.

2015 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)