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Federal Reserve Stays On Message With July Minutes; 30-Year Mortgage Rates Persist Near 4%

The Federal Reserve is still a long way from removing its market stimulus. How it's affecting mortgage rates and what to expect. Analysis and quotes.

30-Year Mortgage Rates Jump After Fed’s July FOMC Meeting

Mortgage rates are higher after the Federal Reserve's July 2014 meeting. How high will rates ultimately go? Analysis and live rate quotes here.

Your Mortgage Rate Strategy For This Week’s FOMC Meeting

The Fed adjourns from a 2-day meeting Wednesday. The Fed doesn't set your mortgage rates but it influences them. Consider locking in now -- before rates rise.

Fed Cuts QE3 For Fifth Straight Meeting; 30-Year Mortgage Rates Drop Anyway

Mortgage rates are lower after the Federal Reserve's June 2014 meeting, and have moved within ticks of this year's lows. Analysis and live mortgage rates.

Federal Reserve Signals Unpredictable Mortgage Rates Through April, May, June 2014

The Federal Reserve changed its messaging to markets. How it's affecting mortgage rates and what to expect. Analysis and live mortgage rate quotes.

Fed Cuts QE3 For Second Straight Meeting; Mortgage Rates (Surprisingly) Improve

The Federal Reserve January 2013 statement included a second QE3 taper. Unexpectedly, though, mortgage rates are dropping. Get a live market quote here.

When Will The Federal Reserve End Its Support For Low Mortgage Rates For Good?

The Federal Reserve has started to end its support for low mortgage rates. What's the latest you can lock, and still get a great low rate? Find out here.

FOMC Says No More Holding Mortgage Rates At Artificial Lows; QE3 To Start Its Taper

The Federal Reserve December 2013 statement announced the QE3 taper. Why mortgage rates won't immediately rise and what you should look for.

This Week : Will The Federal Reserve Finally End Its “Low Mortgage Rate” Program?

Low mortgage rates are at risk. The Federal Reserve meets this week and the group could begin winding down QE3. What it means for mortgage rates through the next 16 weeks.

Mortgage Rates Unexpectedly Rise After The Federal Reserve Releases Its October Fed Minutes

At least one Federal Reserve members wants to end QE3 in the very near future. Wall Street doesn't like the news. Mortgage rates are rising. Is this your last chance for low rates?

Mortgage Rates Terrific After Federal Reserve Declares “No Taper for QE3″

The Federal Reserve has left its mortgage rate-suppressing QE3 in play for another 6 weeks, at least. See today's rates. Don't miss out.

Your Mortgage Rates Will Change After Today’s Federal Reserve Meeting

The Federal Reserve adjourns from its October 2013 meeting today. Mortgage rates are expected to move. Floating a mortgage rate? Consider locking in -- just in case rates rise.

Government Shutdown May Alter The Course Of QE3, Bring Lower Mortgage Rates

September's Fed Minutes show committee members ready to taper QE3. But that was before the shutdown. Mortgage rates may soon hit the 3s.

U.S. Mortgage Rates Dropping After Federal Reserve Pledges To Leave QE3 In Place

U.S. mortgage rates are dropping after the Federal Reserve pledged to keep its rate-supressing QE3 program in place. When will QE3 end? Read more to find out.

U.S. Mortgage Rates On The Move After Latest From The Federal Reserve

The June 2013 FOMC Minutes show Federal Reserve members intent on helping the U.S. economy grow, but divided on what to do about QE3, among other programs. Mortgage rates are rising as a result.

Mortgage Rates Again Climbing After Federal Reserve Meeting

Mortgage rates are climbing after the June 2013 FOMC meeting. Could the best of this year's mortgage rates be behind us? A look ahead.

Mortgage Rates Slip To New, Lifetime-Lows After May 2013 FOMC Statement

Mortgage rates are falling after May 2013 FOMC statement. Today's home buyers and refinancing households can now access the lowest mortgage rates in recorded history.

Mortgage Rates : What Will Happen After The May 2013 Fed Meeting

Mortgage rates aren't controlled by the Federal Reserve but mortgage rates will fluctuate after the FOMC adjourns from its May 2013 meeting.

Fed Minutes Suggests “Floating” Mortgage Rates Are At Risk

The Fed Minutes show a divided Federal Reserve. Mortgage rates are expected to be volatile through May, at least.

Mortgage Rates Rising After March 2013 FOMC Statement

Mortgage rates are rising after March 2013 FOMC statement. The Federal Reserve doesn't control mortgage rates but, today, it's influencing them.

Mortgage Rates Improve After January 2013 FOMC Statement

Mortgage rates are slightly better after the January 2013 FOMC statement. Lock your mortgage rate before Friday's job report can unwind it.

Fed Minutes Suggest New QE3-Like Program For 2013

Mortgage rates remain low after the Federal Reserve published its October Fed Minutes. More bond-buying programs such as QE3 may be planned for 2013.

Mortgage Rates Respond To October 2012 FOMC Statement

The Federal Reserve pledged to keep QE3 in place after its October 2012 meeting. Mortgage rates are slightly improved.

FOMC Update : Mortgage Rates Approaching Fed Funds Rate

The FOMC controls the Fed Funds Rate. Wall Street controls mortgage rates. Mortgage rates will rise long before the Fed Funds Rate does.

Mortgage Rates Respond To September 2012 FOMC Statement

The Federal Reserve launched its third round of quantitative easing (QE3), helping to push mortgage rates to new all-time lows.

Wall Street May Be Wrong : Mortgage Rates Plunging On New Bets For QE3

Mortgage rates rose during August because Wall Street thought the Fed was done with its stimulus. Turns out, Wall Street may be wrong.

Mortgage Rates Respond To The August 2012 FOMC Statement

The Fed made no new plans for economic or monetary stimulus today. Here's how that decision is affecting your mortgage rates.

Fed Meeting : Even Without QE3, Mortgage Rates Ready To Move

The FOMC starts a 2-day meeting today. No matter what the Fed does -- or doesn't do -- mortgage rates are primed to move. Is your mortgage rate at-risk?

Mortgage Rates Rising As Federal Reserve Puts QE3 On The Table

The Federal Reserve is taking a more earnest look at QE3 than previously thought, June's Fed Minutes reveals. Mortgage rates are now rising.

The Federal Reserve : How Fed Policies Change Mortgage Rates

The Federal Reserve doesn't set mortgage rates but it can change them with new policy. Low mortgage rates may not last.

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