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FOMC Announcement: No Change In Rates, More Mortgage Bond Investment

The Federal Reserve voted to leave the Fed Funds Rate near 0.25% after its July 2016 meeting. Mortgage rates are dropping.

About The Federal Reserve, The FOMC, & The Fed Funds Rate

The Federal Reserve is the central banker of the USA. How "the Fed" works, what it actually does, and how it affects everyday U.S. mortgage rates.

Federal Reserve Throws Weight Behind Low Mortgage Rates, Wants More Inflation

The Federal Reserve eased its forward guidance and held the Fed Funds Rate near 0.25% after its June 2016 meeting. Mortgage rates are dropping.

How Mortgage Rates Connect To The Fed Funds Rate

The Fed adjourns from a 2-day meeting Wednesday. The group doesn't set mortgage rates but it can influence them. How this week's meeting could affect your refinance and purchase mortgage rate.

Federal Reserve Gives Support To Low Mortgage Rates, Wants More Inflation

The Federal Reserve eased its forward guidance and held the Fed Funds Rate near 0.25% after its April 2016 meeting. Mortgage rates are dropping.

Federal Reserve “Eases” Forward Guidance; Mortgage Rates Sink

The Federal Reserve held the Fed Funds Rate unchanged after its January 2016 meeting, while pledging support to consumers for low mortgage rates.

Fed Minutes: Raising The Fed Funds Rate Was Not A No-Brainer

The Federal Reserve raised the Fed Funds Rate, but the decision was a murky one. How this affects today's mortgage rates, which are currently beneath four percent.

Consumers: “We Don’t Think The Fed Will Raise Rates In October”

A survey of 1,000 readers of shows that consumers don't expect the Federal Reserve to raise rates at its October 27-28, 2015 meeting.

Don’t Play With Matches (And Other Advice For 2015 Mortgage Rates)

Mortgage rates have dropped as the Fed continues to lose its predictive ability over the economy. How this may affect housing with today's rates near all-time lows.

This Week : Will The Federal Reserve Finally End Its “Low Mortgage Rate” Program?

Low mortgage rates are at risk. The Federal Reserve meets this week and the group could begin winding down QE3. What it means for mortgage rates through the next 16 weeks.

Mortgage Rates Terrific After Federal Reserve Declares “No Taper for QE3”

The Federal Reserve has left its mortgage rate-suppressing QE3 in play for another 6 weeks, at least. See today's rates. Don't miss out.

Government Shutdown May Alter The Course Of QE3, Bring Lower Mortgage Rates

September's Fed Minutes show committee members ready to taper QE3. But that was before the shutdown. Mortgage rates may soon hit the 3s.

U.S. Mortgage Rates On The Move After Latest From The Federal Reserve

The June 2013 FOMC Minutes show Federal Reserve members intent on helping the U.S. economy grow, but divided on what to do about QE3, among other programs. Mortgage rates are rising as a result.

Mortgage Rates Rising As Federal Reserve Puts QE3 On The Table

The Federal Reserve is taking a more earnest look at QE3 than previously thought, June's Fed Minutes reveals. Mortgage rates are now rising.

Inflation Targeting : How It Changes Fixed Mortgage Rates And ARMs

The Federal Reserve is now setting explicit "target rates" for inflation. Inflation targeting will change how you shop for mortgages.

Interview with First Business: Will the Fed Cut Rates?

I interviewed with First Business anchor Anchor Beejal Patel this week. First Business produces news "shorts" that are syndicated nationwide. The story: "How would a Fed rate cut impact mortgage rates?" You all know my answer -- it's well-documented around these parts. I am a little embarrassed about having to...

2016 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)