Posts Covering Credit Scoring For Mortgages

New FICO Scoring Model Raises Your Credit Scores

A new FICO credit scoring model will raise borrower credit scores. Analysis of the changes, plus today's live mortgage rates.

Improve Your FICO Score With These 5 Credit Scoring Tips

A review of how credit scores work, plus access to your mortgage credit scores for free. Get better mortgage rates.

Average FICO Score Drops 21 Points On Approved Mortgages; Lenders Loosening Credit Standards

As lenders loosen credit standards, It's getting easier to get approved for a mortgage. Read more and get a live mortgage rate quote.

How To Protect Your High Credit Score While You’re Shopping For A Mortgage

A mortgage credit inquiry is estimated to lower a credit score by 5 points or fewer. But only if you do it the right way. Here's how to protect your FICO while shopping for a mortgage.

Which U.S. Cities Have The Best (And Worst) Credit Scores?

The process to improve credit scores can be quick, and profitable. Residents of these 10 cities already score well quite.

Your Credit Report Will Be Re-Pulled Just Prior To Closing (And It Could Change Your Loan Terms)

When does "cleared to close" not mean "cleared to close"? When Fannie Mae's involved! Keep your loan approval intact all the way through funding. Here's how.

Chart : How Does A Foreclosure, Missed Payment, And Maxed-Out Credit Card Change Your FICO Score

The company behind the FICO scoring model published a "What If?" series for common, specific credit missteps. See how your scores can change with a foreclosure, missed payment, maxed credit card, and more.

Buying Or Refinancing A Home? On Black Friday, Avoid In-Store Credit Card Offers.

The Holiday Shopping Season is upon us and shoppers should think twice about the popular "Open A Charge Card, Save 20%" promotion. The short-term savings may be tempting, but the long-term costs to a budget may be huge.

The Hidden Cost To Your Mortgage When You Open A Store Credit Card To Save 10 Percent

I did some (more) holiday shopping this weekend and as I stood in the checkout lines, I was repeatedly bombarded by cashiers to open a "free store credit card". "Would you like to save 10% on your purchase today?" "No, thanks," I said over and over, but not because I...

Once Again, Look Beyond The Headlines And Meredith Vieira’s Interviews For The Truth

I don't know what was stranger on The Today Show this morning: Meredith Vieira's back-to-back interviews with Jim Kramer and J.K. Rowling Jim Kramer looking like a fish out of water in front of a camera Watching Lester Holt and Matt Lauer (1) share the anchor desk and, (2) actually...

How The IRS Gets Paid On Your Foreclosure Short Sale

In his weekly syndicated column, Kenneth Harney pulled back the curtain on a nasty piece of IRS tax code that can penalize homeowners with foreclosures and short sales. For those that don't know, a short sale is when a lender accepts a payoff amount that is less than the amount...

Mortgage Lenders : “We’re Not Using The VantageScore Credit Scoring System”

The much-hyped VantageScore credit scoring system seems to be getting a lot of press lately, so thank you to Holden Lewis at for keeping it real. According to the VantageScore Web site, it is the "new standard in credit risk scoring". "Why did we create VantageScore? Simply put, the...

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