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2014 Conforming Loan Limits : Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Set Loan Size Limits For Every U.S. County

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac set conforming loan limits for the country. The complete 2014 loan limits, plus a lookup chart by U.S. county.

“Delayed Financing” Mortgage : Pay Cash For A Home Today, Do Cash-Out Refinance Tomorrow

A Fannie Mae mortgage program lets home buyers cash-out refinance a home purchased with cash just one day after closing. Read more and get mortgage rates.

New For March 2014 : Government Announces Mandatory Loan Fees Which Affect Today’s Low Mortgage Rate

The government announced two new "g-fees" for early-2014. Mortgage rates will rise as much as 0.875%. Beat the change. Get quotes today.

The Fannie Mae 97% Conventional Loan

Fannie Mae's Conventional 97 mortgage program is official. Just 3% down and ultra-low mortgage insurance rates. Easy-to-follow guidelines.

2013 Jumbo Loan Limits : Loan Sizes Up To $625,500

For 2013, conforming loan limits range to $625,500 for a purchase and $729,750 for a refinance.

2013 Conforming And Jumbo Loan Limits For Every U.S. County

2013 conforming and jumbo loan limits vary by county. New rules grants loan size exceptions up to $729,750.

Mortgage Rates : QE3 Benefits Sliced By New Mortgage “G-Fees”

QE3 is helping to lower mortgage rates, but its effects may not last for long. New g-fees are raising rates nationwide.

Improve Your Mortgage Approval : The Income-Equity-Credit Triangle

Mortgage underwriting may be strict, but there's no magic formula for getting approved. Satisfy the Mortgage Income-Equity-Credit Triangle.

Delayed Financing Rule : Pay Cash For A Home, Cash-Out Refi Next Day

If you paid cash for a home within the last 6 months and want to take "cash out", you can. It's because of a new mortgage allowance named the Delayed Financing Rule. The standard 6-month seasoning requirement on home purchases has been eliminated.

FHA Loan Limits Raised To $729,750; Conventional To Remain At $625,500

FHA loan limits now exceed conventional loan limits in some high-cost areas. As of November 18, 2011, the FHA will insure up to $729,750. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cap at $625,500.

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2014 Conforming & FHA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county,
as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, and the FHA.