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Today’s Common Mortgage Programs Which Don’t Require 20% Downpayment From Home Buyers

There are plenty of low- and zero-downpayment mortgages for today's home buyers. Analysis of the available programs, updated for 2015; plus, complimentary qualifying rate quotes.

How To Avoid Paying Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

All about Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) including how to get a mortgage that won't require it. Live rates from actual mortgage lenders.

Simple Mortgage Definitions : Loan-To-Value (LTV)

Learn how to calculate your loan-to-value (LTV) and see what mortgage programs may be available to you. Mortgage rates available, too.

Reverse Mortgages Are Now Newer, Safer, & Better

Reverse mortgages are available to individuals 62 or older who own their home, and they're safer and better than ever. Read about changes to the reverse mortgage program and why it may (finally) be a fit for your home.

No, You Don’t Actually “Skip” A Mortgage Payment When You Refinance

How to refinance your mortgage, and why you don't get to "skip" a payment as part of the process. Review loan options and get a complimentary rate quote.

Simple Mortgage Definitions : Mortgage Escrow And PITI

Learn to calculate your mortgage escrow and PITI, then see for which mortgage programs you may qualify. Mortgage rates available, too.

First Time Home Buyer : 2015 Guide to Buying a Home

A step-by-step, non-biased walkthrough of today's home buying process. Read more, plus get access to today's live mortgage rates which are currently near their lowest of all-time.

Simple Mortgage Definitions : Good Faith Estimate

About the Good Faith Estimate (GFE), including how they work and how to use them. Use today's GFE to help compare rates among lenders. Get free rate quotes.

Buying A Home With A Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Partner, Or Friend

Important advice for buying a home with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner. Read more and get today's live mortgage rates.

Ask These 6 Mortgage Questions Before Buying A Home

Long before you actually buy a home, you start to THINK about actually buying a home. The questions to ask, plus today's live mortgage rates.

Refinance Mortgage Rates & Reducing Monthly Payments

How to refinance a mortgage, plus explanations of "special" programs such as HARP, FHA Streamline Refinance, VA IRRRL. Get today's rates which are below four percent for many U.S. borrowers.

Simple Mortgage Definitions : Pre-Qualification And Pre-Approval

Buying a home? You'll need a pre-approval letter. Sellers won't think you're serious without it. Get a no-cost letter here, plus today's rates which are now near the lowest of all-time.

8 Behaviors That Will Kill Your Mortgage Approval — After You’ve Already Been Approved

8 behaviors to should avoid while your mortgage approval is in-process. A detailed list, plus access to today's live mortgage rate quotes, which are now near their lowest of all-time.

Simple Mortgage Definitions : Discount Points

Details on mortgage discount points. How they work and what they cost. Compare today's discount points and get today's live mortgage rates which are now approaching all-time lows.

What Is A Mortgage Refinance?

How to refinance your home and your mortgage, plus descriptions of "special" refinance programs including HARP 2.0, FHA Streamline Refinance, VA IRRRL

How Much Home Can You Afford At Today’s Mortgage Rates?

There are 2 widely-accepted ways you can calculate your maximum home purchase price. What you should know about both methods, plus live mortgage rates at ultra-low levels.

Mortgage Rates vs APR: How To Get Your Best Mortgage Deal

Analysis on the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) formula used by mortgage lenders, and how to turn it to your advantage. Mortgage rate quotes today are at their lowest in several weeks.

The Guide To Understanding Your Mortgage Good Faith Estimate (GFE)

The Good Faith Estimate, described in detail. Plus, tips for using a GFE to negotiate better loan terms and a cheaper rate. Complimentary quotes available.

Make Your Own Mortgage Calculator Using These Popular Formulas

Make your own mortgage calculator for use with Microsoft Excel, Mac Numbers, or Google Docs using these built-in formulas, plus today's live mortgage rates.

Mortgage 101: What It Is, Getting Approved, & Today’s Mortgage Rates

Brief, simple-to-understand explanation of a mortgage and how to get approved. Real-life examples included, plus access to instant rate quotes.

Simple Mortgage Definitions : Debt-To-Income (DTI)

Learn how to calculate your Debt-to-Income (DTI). See which mortgage programs and mortgage rates may be available to you.

Which Is Better In Today’s Market — Fixed-Rate Mortgages Or Adjustable-Rate Mortgages?

How to choose between a fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) and an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), plus access to mortgage rates for both.

Simple Mortgage Definitions : Title Insurance

All about title insurance including how it works and which types of coverage homeowners require. Shop for the today's mortgage rates, too.

Simple Mortgage Definitions : Homeowners Insurance

All about homeowners insurance including how it works and which types of coverage homeowners require. Shop for today's mortgage rates, too.

Get A Faster Mortgage Payoff Without Changing Your Monthly Payment

Amortization schedules favor the bank. Turn them in your favor. Use these prepayment tips to pay your 30-year mortgage down faster.

Appeal Your Real Estate Tax Bill : 50% Of Homeowners Win Lower Rates

Has your home value dropped but not your real estate tax bill? File an appeal. More than 50% homeowners win. Here's how to do it.

I’m Looking At My HUD-1 Settlement Statement: What Is A Closing Cost and What Is A Prepaid Item?

The settlement statement Prepaid Items section confuses people. A "prepaid item" is exactly what its name implies -- a payment related to the mortgage, collected before the payment's actual due date.

What Is Home Equity, And How Is It Made?

First, a definition: (Home Equity) = (Value of Home) - (Amount Owed On Home) There are two ways that equity is created: The homeowner pays down the principal balance on the mortgage. The home's value increases because of appreciation But just because both methods increase the equity position in a...

2015 Conforming, FHA, & VA Loan Limits

Mortgage loan limits for every U.S. county, as published by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)