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Pending Home Sales Foreshadow Strong 2017 Housing Market

For the 32nd straight month, the Pending Home Sales Index bested its benchmark reading of 100. It's no wonder home prices continue to rise nationwide.

Mortgage Rates Vs Purchasing Power

Unless you plan to pay cash, current mortgage rates affect how much you can afford to spend on a house. Learn how to deal with rising rates here.

Conventional Refinance Rates And Guidelines For 2017

A conventional refinance can lower your rate, pay off any loan, remove mortgage insurance, and more. Conventional refinance guidelines and rates for 2017.

6 Low or No Down Payment Mortgage Options for 2017

An updated list of low- and no-downpayment mortgages available to today's home buyers. Updated for 2017. Includes access to today's live mortgage rates.

Parents’ Guide To Help Kids Buy A Home In 2017

It's harder for young adults today to buy a home in 2017. Use these tips to help your adult child if you're in a position to do so.

Home Supply Hits Its Lowest Level In History

December home sales continued to erode supply nationwide. Will there be any homes left to buy in 2017?

Before Making A 20% Mortgage Down Payment, Read This

Making a large downpayment is not the conservative investment you believe it is. The risks of putting 20% down on a home are real. Know what you should do.

Minimum FHA Credit Score Requirement Falls 60 Points

Credit score requirements are dropping for the FHA mortgage. Analysis and effect on U.S. home buyers, plus today's live FHA mortgage rates.

Real Estate Agent: Buying Agents Vs. Listing Agents

Most people work a real estate agent when buying property. But who should YOU trust when you make such a large and important purchase?

Freddie Mac: Mortgage Rates Reverse Directions, Climb Again

30-year mortgage rates were falling, but are rising again on strong performance within the economy. When will rates fall?

Report: 12% More New Homes Sold Last Year Than In Red-Hot 2015

New construction homes sold at a faster pace than 2015, which itself was a banner year for new home sales, says the Census Bureau.

January 2017 Mortgage Opportunity Report: Homeowners Enjoy Rising Home Equity

In this month's Mortgage Opportunity Report, we discover that homeowners are gaining substantial amounts of equity in their homes. That opens up possibilities to tap into home equity to accomplish financial goals.

Still Ineligible For HARP? Your State May Be Able To Help

Ineligible for HARP, even the new version? You may have options if your state participates in the "Hardest Hit" program. Many rovide principal reductions for underwater homeowners.

HARP Loan Program : Eligibility & Mortgage Rates for 2017

Easy-to-read HARP 2.0 mortgage guidelines with 2017 HARP mortgage rates attached. The latest news, plus live mortgage rates. Safe and secure.

7 Questions Everyone Asks About The HARP Refinance Program

The Home Affordable Refinance Program launched in 2009. Seven years later, homeowners still ask the same 7 questions. Get the straight scoop on HARP.

New Underwater Refinance Program Available October 2017

As the popular HARP program ends, FHFA will roll out a new program that will give more underwater homeowners the chance to refinance.

Single Parent Home Buying Guide

Today's mortgage programs are empowering single parents to move from renting to buying. Here are time-tested and expert-advised methods to get into your own home.

First-Time Home Buyers Guide: The Basics Of A Mortgage

As a first-time home buyer, understanding how your mortgage works is the first step to making better mortgage choices -- and getting the best rate possible.

4 Home Repair Skills Every Homeowner Can Learn To Make

Homeowners can't call the landlord when something needs fixing; and learning to make the basic fixes can help you be a better homeowner.

Buy Or Rent: Why It Could Be Better To Buy In 2017

Should you buy or rent? That depends on many factors, including your goals, finances and location. Today, buying makes financial sense on the majority of markets.