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Mortgage Rate Surveys: Where Are Today’s “Real” Mortgage Rates?

There are tens of mortgage rate surveys online, and they all show different interest rates. Which are the best, and which should you ignore?

Community Second Mortgages For Down Payment And Closing Costs

Community second mortgages are are loans provided by states, counties, local housing agencies, nonprofit organizations or employers for down payments and closing costs.

How Does A Home Equity Loan Work?

A home equity loan lets you take advantage of increased home value without replacing your current mortgage. Home equity loans are cheaper and faster to set up and can be used for almost anything.

How To Buy A Home On $50,000 Per Year

You may be able to buy a home on $50,000 a year with today's low interest rates and special mortgage programs.

Don’t Rule Out Home Buying This Holiday Season

Home buyers should consider shopping for a home during the holidays. Sellers are willing to negotiate, and lenders are less busy, too. How to find deals when most buyers are on the sidelines.

Which Holiday Movie Character-Type Homeowner Are You?

Every homeowner is a little bit different, so which Holiday Movie Character best fits your style and personality. Take the quiz and find out!

Real Life Homebuyer Success Stories – Low Income Mortgage

You don’t have to have a whole lot of money or a high-paying job to buy a house. There are plenty of low income mortgage programs for tight budgets. Grant money and community assistance is widely available

Home Values Continue Impressive 5-Year Climb

Home values are up another 6 percent since last year, spurred by low mortgage rates and high buyer demand. Is it time to enter the market?

Report: November New Home Sales Jump 16% Year-Over-Year

Rising rents and historically low mortgage rates spur home buyers to snap up today's new construction homes.

Qualifying For A Mortgage: What Mortgage Lenders Don’t Consider

As an applicant, qualifying for a mortgage can be an unnerving experience. Home lenders seem to probe every corner of your life. What are they looking for? Interview Series: The Cash Cow Couple, Financial Planning Experts

Creators of the popular website Cash Cow Couple give advice on money management and home buying to today's young person entering the marketplace.

15-Year Mortgage Rates Are Now Higher Than 30-Year Rates Were Just Weeks Ago

30-year mortgage rates continue to rise, but "deals" can still be had with 15-year fixed and adjustable-rate loans.

What Could You Do With The Savings From A 15 Year Mortgage?

The 15 year mortgage is worth considering. Not only are interest rates lower for this program; you'll pay less because you're borrowing for half the time.

Home Supply Evaporates Amid Buying Frenzy

November home sales jumped to multi-year highs, severely reducing home supply. Analysis, plus today's best mortgage programs for new buyers.

Home Possible Versus HomeReady: Which Is Better?

Home Possible Advantage, offered by Freddie Mac, and HomeReady, offered by Fannie Mae, are similar programs for homebuyers without large down payments. Here's an explanation of the program differences, and how they might matter to you.

FHA Homebuyers: Real Life Success Stories Show You The Way

Renters who lack perfect credit and have not been able to save a big downpayment may still become FHA homebuyers with the FHA 203(b) home loan.

Buy A Duplex, Triplex Or Fourplex And Let Your Tenants Pay Your Mortgage

If you buy a duplex, triplex or four-plex and rent out the extra units, your tenants can help you pay for your home. Why not combine homeownership and investment in one purchase?

HUD Homes: The Best Deal You’ve Never Heard Of

HUD homes are foreclosure properties. They were originally financed with FHA mortgages and may be sold at a discount to qualified buyers.

Can You Buy A House While In Credit Counseling?

Can you buy a house while in credit counseling? Yes, and this post tells you how.

203K Loan : FHA Construction Loan Mortgage Programs (Section 203 Standard, Streamlined)

The FHA 203k loan is a "home construction" loan available in all 50 states. Find out if you qualify, and get today's live mortgage rates.